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Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th June 2013 Written Episode Review

We are back with updates. Sorry for the inconvenience . Pending epis will be updates ASAP.. Diya aur Baati Hum [Episode 468] - 29th May 2013 - Video Update.

Director 'woes' on the sets of Diya Aur Baati Hum

The Director is said to be the captain of the ship and it’s quite natural for him to be on the commanding seat. But, what if he crosses the thin line between being commanding or authoritative and dominating? Well, issues do crop up then.

Something similar seems to have happened on the sets of Star Plus’ Diya Aur Baati Hum (Shashi Sumeet Mittal Productions).

As per a reliable source, director Rohit Raj Goyal is considered to be a very strict director on the sets. As a matter of fact, there have been times when artistes have walked out of the sets pertaining to his rude behaviour.

“In fact, recently a few artistes went ahead and complained to CINTAA about the same,” the source further went on to add.

When we contacted Rohit, he said, “Yes, there are times when I scold the artistes because I want them to perform well. Apart from that, at times it gets difficult to control their mischievous nature on the sets and that’s when I get stricter. I don’t think my artistes have an issue with that.”

On asking about his artistes complaining about him to the CINTAA, he observed, “I have no idea about that as CINTAA hasn’t approached me yet.”

We also went ahead to talk to Sehrish Ali, aka Chavi, who said, “We do a lot of masti on the sets; so there are times when our director gets angry. But, I don’t think any of us have an issue with it. Personally, I have become a better actor because of his scolding and teachings.”

“He is a very nice human being. In fact, we all respect him as he has been a part of the show since its inception,” averred Kanica Maheshwari.

We also called up Dharmesh Tiwari, General Secretary CINTAA, and he remained clueless about ‘the complaint’ part, “I haven’t received any such complaint.”

Anas Rashid and Deepika Singh remained unavailable for comment.


I travel in delhi metro everyday for about 2hr a day..
nd it used to be nothing new or great experience for me although I met my gf in delhi metro at rajiw chowk..
but this isn't abt her its about my mum.
thing is one day my mum need to go my college for some scholrship thing, nd she nevr travelled via metro.
it was totally new experience for her. when I enter the platform wid my mum, metro was already standin over der, mum thought its some shoping market or so.
she said beta hume toh college jana tha tu market kyu le aayaa hihihi
nd she was asking me questions ki andar khindi band hai na doors khuli h sab saans kaise lete hai n alll n alll
I was laughing and explaining every single detail to my mum, she was really happy via travelling in delhi metro... and anyhow that incident make me a gud son, its not necessry that ur parents shud be well educated or look smart or be rich its all about feeling how much they love u...
so nevr feel ashamed of ur parents feel der love.. nd ull be the happiest person

emotional post hai plzz maarna mat meri #nav

Admin : I LOVE MY PARENTS ! :*

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with chavi telling that nothing came from her fake question paper & tells tha sandy showed her papers to save her so that she can get married & blames the fate for the thing. Sandy asks chavi not to tell lie as everyone is believing her & adds that she took the paper from her. Suraj asks her to tell the truth as hiding truth is very bad. Chavi asks sandy wether she asked her. Sandy says no. Chavi asks did u see myself taking the paper?. Sandy says no. Chavi questions then how did she take the paper. Sandy has no answer. Meena tells that sandy’s help became a hindrance to chavi’s life now.

Sandy denies. Says that she doesn’t know. Meena tells that is that sandy who found swamiji’s truth etc etc. Sandy shouts that she was just concentrating on her paper. Sandy asks her not to support chavi as she might do the same in her MIL house. Sandy tells chavi abt her mistakes one taking the help of fake paper, next this blame drama & adds that last time also she lied to everyone abt her exam matter. Suraj asks her to tell the truth. Chavi tells that she is not lying & pleads bhabho & worries abt her MIL’s decision on this. Meena starts crying drama. Bhabho gets more worries. Meena tells that chavi is like sudha & adds that she can’t lie & she is bhabho’s daughter. Bhabhasa tells that it is their fault for not stopping chavi yesterday itself. Sandy tells that she said that earlier itself. If they had listened to her this would not have happened. Bhabho gets tensed & tells that it is her fault as they were not intelligent like her. Bhabho conclude sthat chavi has nothing to gain in this matter & taunts sandy that she was running behind chavi from the last day. Sandy gets tensed & asks her to believe her. Suraj supports sandy by telling that sandy can never tell lie. Bhabho questions him . Sandy tells that it is true that chavi is lying.

Meena tells that sandy shd have not interferred in chavi’s matter when bhabho denied her to do so. & adds that chavi will not be allowed in the college & worries abt chavi’s marriage. chavi seconds her. Meena continues saying this is sandy’s mistake & wonders what wd they decide. What if they decide to cancel the marriage. Bhabho confronts sandy why did she do this damage to chavi. Meena adds that this mistake can’t be forgiven & this wd be considered as the first mistake & asks whether sh ewd break the first matka, Chavi gets shocked & so does others. Bhabho nods & tells that this is her first mistake. Meena happily brings the atka. SurYa shocked. Vikram bhabhasa & every other member shocked. Feels bad for sandy. Sandy again repeats that she didn’t do anything & asks her to believe her. Meena tells that sandy is trying to prove bhabho wrong. Bhabho tells that no one can never question her decision. Bhabho breaks the matka. Everyone shocked.

Break: Meena tells that it took four months for the first matka to break & tells that if this goes this way another 8 months it would take & suggest for shortening the period of challenge.

Sandy helplessly looks at suraj. Meena smiles at vik but he gives a daring look. Meena tells that he need not look at her like that. Meena tells bhabho that it took four months for the first matka to break & tells that if this goes this way another 8 months it would take by then sandy wd become officer & suggest for shortening the period of challenge. Vik asks her to keep shut. Meena tells that thye shd do sumthing like the rasoi contest. Chotu comes in & asks sandy her favourite colour. Meena interrupts. Chotu replies that her b day is approaching & meena murmurs that he has never gifted her. Chotu replies that who wd give u. Meena asks him to go out as they have some important discussion.

Break: Meena tells that if those two matkas remain intact till her b’day then she can consider herself won the game & consider those matkas as her b’day gift. Asks the opinion of bhabho.

Bhabho tells that they must shorten the time period. Adds that chotu has reminded them sandy’s b’day & tells that it will be the last day of sandy’s challenge. Meena supports her. & praises chotu for the idea.Vikrram asks her to shut up. Meena tells that it is better to finish of this matka thing earlier.Meena tells that if those two matkas remain intact till her b’day then she can consider herself won the game & consider those matkas as her b’day gift. Asks the opinion of bhabho. Bhabho accepts & concludes that sandy’s b day will be the last day of challenge

Precap: Suraj tells bhabho that he will talk with dilip’s side & try to convince them. Bhabho (cries) what wd he do now. Whether he can say that his wife is the reason behind all these??

Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with chavi getting shocked to see a different set of questions. Chavi remembers sandy’s words of asking her to work hard or else she will get cheated once. Chavi cries to sandy telling that it is different. The invigilator asks them to keep quiet. Sandy turns back. Chavi is worried. Sandy starts to write.

Here suraj in his shop gets a call from rajarani Photostudio & asks him to collect those wedding photos. Suraj informs that he will get it & asks abt the bill. The person replies that it is 5000 rs. (Wow a new employer in suraj’s shop other than pappuda). Suraj leaves for the photoshop.

Examination going on full swing. SAndy gets up to get additional sheets chavi tries to signal her but sandy fails to notice her. The invigilator puts seal on those answer sheets. SAndy’s paper fall down accidently. Chavi tries to pick & feels that this is the best time to copy & picks it up by her foot which is band aided.

Chavi starts copying those answer fast. The invigilator goes on rounds.

In photoshop.
Suraj looks at those photos & videos & also notices bhabho picking up chocs & feeding sandy. He asks the shop keeper to close & tells that he will see the remaining at home later. The person gives him the cd.

Chavi is copying. (wow what an acting by sherish perfectly looks like a person who copies). The invigilator finds her copying & asks her abt the same & also taunts her for copying . She calls out the roll no. Sandy gets up & also investigates sandy regarding the same. Chavi tells that sandy didn’t give (wow telling truth for the first time). Chavi pleads her for forgiveness. The invigilator rusticates her. Chavi fears of bhabho. Chavi tells that she will write again. Sandy tries to interfere but gets stopped by the invigilator. She snatches chavi’s paper & sends her out after getting sign from her. Chavi signs with no option left & leaves. Sandy gets worried. The invi tells that only 30 mins left.

Aangan. Meena thinks that once her son gets married she will dominate her DIL same like Bhabho. Ems calls meena as choti jethaniji & tells her that her cloth is getting torn but meena mocks her saying that ems might no tknow stitching & all. Ems stitches the cloth & both meena & bhabho shocked & surprised.

Break: Sandy asks chavi abt her exams meena interrupts by telling how can she ask chavi so innocently when she herself asked chavi to copy her papers. Sandy gets shocked & turns to chavi.

Choti jethanji is asked to get back her cloth by ems. Meena asks her whether she knows & exclaims that she was not like sandy.. Ems replies that her mom knows & taught her too. Meanwhile someone knocks the door. Ems goes on to open the door. Chavi comes in crying. Bhabho asks her what happened.

Sandy calls dillu the new man in suraj’s shop abt suraj. He replies that he has gone out. Chavi tells vik that she doesn’t do anything & asks everyone to believe. Sandy enters meena receives her saying why is she taking revenge on them. Sandy gets confused. Chavi tells vik that she doesn’t do anything. Sandy asks chavi abt her exams meena interrupts by telling how can she ask chavi so innocently when she herself asked chavi to copy her papers. Sandy gets shocked & turns to chavi.

Break: Bhabho asks chavi whether she is saying the truth atleast this time. Bhabho adds that she has told many lies so far. Chavi gulps.

Meena asks sandy whether she gave the paper to copy. sandy asks chavi whether she gave. Meanwhile suraj comesin. Chavi runs to him & hugs him & adds that she doesn’t do anything wrong & she is not lying this time.
Bhabho asks chavi whether she is telling the truth as she had lied many times in the past. Adds that whether sandy made her copy those answer sheets. Chavi gulps. Bhabho asks her to speak out the truth & throws the vessel. Suraj tells that chavi is scared & asks bhabho tocalm down. Bhabho asks him to ask her. Suraj asks her & tell the truth. Chavi tells that she is tellng the truth. She adds that she is not an enemy of sandy. She tells that sandy has helped her many times like she filled the form for her when she was in ajmer & made her study. Chavi adds that today too sandy’s intention was pure to help her as she was unable to answer those questions. Sandy tells that she is lying. Epi ends on the face of shocked bhabho.

Precap: Meena tells bhabho that sandy has done a big mistake today as bhabh can’t forgive her for this. Adds that will it be considered the first mistake of sandy

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IPL is over and My Mom got the chance to watch 'Diya aur Baati hum'!

Now that IPL, inspite of all its controversies, is over.....

You guys can now go and watch... Diya Aur Baati Hum... on Star Plus !!

And treat yourself to some nail-biting cinematic moments like : ....

1. Will Sandhya pass in her exams ??
2. Will Chavvi panic on seeing the question paper ??

Such exciting things are happening with the characters in this tv show !!

And, I, on the other hand.... would be getting bored by watching some ancient families fighting over some mythical land in
Game of Thrones - Season 3 !!! :)

No #Sarcasm intended :P


name 5 serialz of star one
n 5 serialz of star plus


ruhe wase ahmd 1


any two song frm yeh jawani hein diwani
any 2 serials startin frm "d"
any 1 serial frm sab channel
answer it

Now that IPL is over, are you back to 'Diya aur Baati Hum' and 'Sasuraal Simar Ka'?

Watchng repeat telecast of diya aur baati hum on star utsav.

qst 3. any other serial of dubba in saraswatichandra????/

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Admin- I am super confused after reading this confessor sounded like maggi noodles, i hope people out here understands what exactly u trying to say


Nw watchng repeat telecast of diya aur baati hum..bhavo ka gussa saatve aasman pe..ab kya hoga sandhya ka?kaise ban payegi voh police officer?

*Searching for my Dhondu*

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kalonto krishna: DHONDU!!! gali khala aru aji :P raizor pora!!

Mere liye aaj ka din boht painfull he ke me apne sabi associates ko inform kar raha hu ke jo ladai hum pichle kuj mahino se lad rahe the vo ladae bina kisi natije aaj khatam ho gai he...... me aur mere sabi leaders boht maoos he. aaj company apne maksad me kamjab hogai he jo unhone pichle kuj saalo se mere uper meri payment ko bar bar rok kar banya tha aur muje torture kar rahe the is bar to unhone meri site tak block kar di thi apne maksad ko pura karne ke liye.

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Aaj me aap sab se dukhi man se vidyagi laita hu aur jaate jaate aap sab ki kamjabi ke liye dua mangta.

Do your Best.


DS Virdi

Diya Aur Baati Hum ღ Diya Aur Baati Hum ღ diya aur bati hum diya aur bati

First "Matka" to break, Sandhya to face Bhabho's Wrath in DABH.


i used abusive language for my gf one
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Im 20f doin btech..i am fed up with this life..i have been lonely throughout my life.i have a good family.very close sis but after her marriage she is not so close.and about my friends to say i have very few ..when i become friend with anyone they eventually leave ..i have not figured out y and noone has said an introvert..i cant mingle with others.u cannot even imagine how silent i am.i wonder how i ll have a happy married life coz of this nature.i feel like dying.without friends life is nothing.out parents maybe good but then when you are in college u need to have friends.i feel jealous seeing smart girls.u all might find this boring.but u all will not feel the pain i have.why has God given me this life instead he could give it to someone usefull..thanks to ppl who read this and no offence to ppl who ll comment bad coz only ppl in my situation will understand me..


Hey diaa howzz u..still remember these words
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chatting for d 1st time wid u i was a bit
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which made me feel out of dis world "luv u 2
not my proposal to u bt my confession to
u"..nd wo bhi tumhare kota aane se do din
pehle..nd 15th april i still remember dis day
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my lyf btnow u hv become my lyf..luv u

shweta-10 any two serials of starplus??
+20 points

Hi Frends
Hume Is Page Ke Liye Ek Aisa Admin (Boy & Girl) Chahiye Jo Daily Is Page Ke New Like Badhaye

Hai Koi Aisa Boy Ya Girl.... :-)

The wifey and I are trying to figure out a TV show to start watching. Anyone have any good suggestions?

8 more shows to cross border & move to pakistan.
Those who says that their so called tv shows are far better than their neighbouring counterpart india,here is the bad news for them.
pakistan I&B ministry has sent a request to government of india to allow them to show 8 most popular soap operas of indian tv.
According to them the 8 soaps are-
1-Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke(Zee Tv).
2-Pavitra Rishta(Zee Tv).
3-Qabool Hai(Zee Tv).
4-Kucch To Log Kahenge(Sony Tv).
5-Ek Veer Ki Ardas Veera(Star Plus).
6-Saans(Star Plus).
7-Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chashma(Sab Tv).
8-Sasural Simar Ka.
Indian sources says that Qabool hai(56.5% & veera 52% are extremely popular in pakistan.
Let we tell u that Bade Acche Lagte Hai,Na Aana Is Des Laado & Diya Aur Baati Hum are being extremely popular in pakistan & are now showing.

Video8 new results for Diya Aur Bati Hum episodes Diya Aur Bati Hum promo 17/05/2013 - YouTube9 secDiya Aur Baati Hum (Maha Episode) Promo 720p 11th August 2012by serialluver01 3 Aur Baati Hum - 21st May 201...

Watchng diya aur baati hum..bechari sandhya fir se sari books bag mein vapis dal di..


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