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News 24 18th May 2013 Written Episode Review

"Rehearsal time”. Beep Beep “Quiet on the set. Lights camera, scene 175 take 1. . . action”.
“We interrupt this broadcast for an extremely important News Flash. . . Bulletin. . . this just in, CNN is reporting”. “Hello to all our viewers I’m Arnie Pie flying high in the sky”. “Arnie are you there with reporter Snoop in the CNN news chopper? Snooping for hot stories too print. Hey Snoop, Lawrence Ellison calling to ask what your both seeing while Arnie Pie flys the CNN helocopter high in the sky inside my secret alien test lab”? “I’m here Lawrence it’s reporter Snoop snooping to see what’s up. I’m now flying over the back forty of your lab!”. “I’m calling to ask you Arnie and Snoop to bring me up-to-date on WHAT’S UP. What’s up with alien Zorena and her personal manifesto”? Beep Beep “Sneak peek time”. “Gee I see in my crystal ball is glowing brightly, it’s a very big day July 01 2016, for me. ”. “Cut that’s a wrap print it Johnny. Ready on the next set Zora”. Thanks Johnny, whenever you’re ready for the next shoot I am also. And thanks Twilight and players that was some fine fine acting, keep up the good work”. “Hey Princess, these primitive greedy humans will be so surprised seeing what we work at. When I tell them none of us work on our planet because we don’t have time to work, that will surprise them. While doing more productive things than work, gives our civilization greater benefits such as longevity the new aging”. “Right U R Candy Girl Zora this is so coooool discovering life on this planet we named Canada. Humans can now take a trip to heaven using our transporter holograms”.
Beep “Johnny here, what’s up Zora? I see you can’t stop all the taking your doing on this planets G/M/P install. For your information the mike was accidently left on. All your talking has been into an open mike”.
“Ya Johnny keep reminding me while I have fun with this outdated society, not too talk so much. Thus making the takeover faster. Resulting in all hearts on planet earth never breaking again for all future generations to enjoy”.
“So Lawrence of the Future what’s up”. “Gee this is the first time talking to you Johnny”. “Oh um well lots is up Johnny, but because I can’t get a word in edge wise with Zora doing all the talking I need more lines to read”.
“Anyways we will get back to you Lawrence, now Larry Cooper has the floor with a word about a test he is attempting. Phoning mission control lets listen in”. “Long distance give me information get me planet Happiness and or Mission Control immediately if not sooner. And if no answer then get me Memphis Tennessee. Help me find the party trying to get in touch with me. She could not leave her number cause I have no Uncle to write in on the wall. Help me information get in touch with a candy girl named Zorena. If that call is unable to be sent or received connect earth to mission control then you operator can connect me to get in touch with Twilight Princess. If her sister Zorena is not available at this moment or the Princess is off flying her space ship then connect me to Johnny, mission control, platform 96. Their home is on the south side of the galaxy high upon a ridge just a half light year from the Mississippi bridge. Overlooking the Milky Way is all I know. Help me operator, last time I spoke with Zora she was only six years old and her sister Twilight was 5”. Beep Beep “This is Elizabeth at Cosmic Thought Transfer Corp. You have been connected to mission control”. “This is Johnny how may we help you Larry John Cooper”? “I need to stop typing all the words your sending me telepathically through my fingertips. Timer has run out its great weather and have not much time left to pass on your manuscript to whom you choose. You said I will be released of my duties soon and that was three years ago two years after I started typing your Global Master Plan to change my world’s operations by 100%”. “Larry sorry if we are inconveniencing you and for your effects this for your edification its Elizabeth with Zora here to help you continue to receive our thoughts. Then giving our plan to Lawrence of the Future to test 3 years, living with an attitude compatible to aliens in the 24th century. In fact aliens are making me type this they say they live as children but in fact are really 180 years old earth time”. “Cut, take five.” “Larry Cooper walk with me”. “Why did you Zora call cut”. “Because your planet has 50 years left to clean up its act. If we get started now your primitive civilization will be saved in the nick of time. Hesitate and self-destruct, extinct is the legacy your generation will leave for the next generation to inherited which won’t exist to do that”.
“Gee whiz, that makes me, your cosmic secretary, now totally responsible for the future of mankind. Well I’ve done my part, time to retire. I’m attempting to pass 900,000 space words onto Lawrence. At this moment I have no clue if he is reading what you’re sending us from the cosmos”!
“Well done Larry J Cooper typing for Lawrence his legacy for Lawrence of the Future to install globally like a new refrigerator, our robots will revolutionize society. Giving freedom from toiling is what our robots offer earthlings like it was when ice boxes where replaced by refrigerators. We have a plan we use to run our planet perfectly smoothly and now come to give your planet a complete makeover.”

Popcorn Concession now open.
“I’m Larry Cooper with this first and last intermision. No one likes being interrupted in the middle of a great ride. I will be short and to the point. I’ve been chosen by movie Director Zorena too type their script telepathically. Don’t shoot the messenger, what if aliens chose you to do this task, what would you think? Come discover your telepathic skills have aliens make your fingers type keys. Come aliens are looking for you to act in their movie titled WHAT’S UP. Playing the role of private executive secretary posting messages from space onto face book like I’m doing? The job pays well be helping aliens establish a colony in BC Canada. U Lawrence can say to Zora”.
“Hey Zorena what’s up am I Lawrence supposed to get mysteriously involved in the future living with aliens choosing me to communicate with telepathically”? “Lawrence you will never be doing anything against what you believe in so don’t worry be happy. Things will turn out just fine where you’re a winner every time”. “Ok Zora I see what you’re getting at. All people reading your script at the same time role play parts written into this cosmic movie. Now I see how your plan to conquer my world works. Everyone”.
“Stop typing Larry do not type anymore of our secret”. “Ya but I’m making this happen because I’m typing your communications which say post fb. I’m confused, where are we Zora”? “Your our lone ghost writer and secretary. Larry J Cooper will go down in history being first to meet ET in real life not just in the movies”. “Oh I see, I’m in charge of transporting communications between planets”. “Go with the flow Larry Cooper key in what the world wants to know. Travelers exploring earth for a safe landing location”.
“Ya go for it Larry, type lines for me Lawrence to say while talking to Zora and her space crew”.
“Your lines Lawrence are numerous because you’re the star of the movie What’s Up”.
Beep Beep “Greetings I’m Zorena with Doctor Bright Star and my sister Twilight Princess Belinda. We are testing to see if you the reader of this message is feeling alarmed that your being contacted from space by aliens. Sit perfectly still>>do not speak>>do not move>>this is an exploratory examination of your mind, body and soul. Good this test worked, all went well in Lawrence’s examination U can shut down all the screening mechanisms”. “Say what, hey wait Zora what have your cosmic doctors discovered about me”?.
“It Doctor Bright Star here to answer all your questions”. “Good so tell me what have you aliens discovered about me the reader of your movie script”? “Things that will alarm you about our tests on your medical conditioning for flying in space. Reports coming right up. Now make this movie and get it into the can. Then our educational documentary movie will be ready for all age groups to love role playing in. As one major test of our family affair planning, involves 300,000 families coming to the Government of Canada’s Lawrence foundation test lab. Coming in to play a role, living in a model of a cosmic society 400 years in the future. After the world sees the movie of everyone living happily ever after then they will join in. Government approval given for the world to live under antiseptic clinical conditions according to how it will be in the year 2422, overall global mastery of doing nothing but fun. What feels good all the time and never wears out is the new work. Do do this play one photographer is required to follow the star of the movie Lawrence of the Future leader of the world where ever Lawrence goes while he role plays Sherlock Holmes investigating space alien contact. Listen Lawrence and Watson read some lines”. “Watson what is that strange blinking thing”?
“Whatever it is Sherlock, this mysterious looking gadget performs and looks like it’s from another planet”. “Gee whiz Holmes I think I`m actually communicating with aliens planning to land and party on my front lawn. My fingers press keys telepathically like Coopers fingers do. Try it Holmes”, “Oh wow it seems that I’m typing what I’m reading cooool this is fun. I will tell Larry Cooper by replying to If aliens can make my fingers move over a keyboard then the whole entire civilization could conceivably do the same. That’s the proof Lawrence of the Future needs to break this case of WHAT’S UP, wide open”. “Cut that a wrap print it; ready on the next set Zora.” “Thanks Twilight for setting scenes. Side bar”. “What’s up Lawrence it’s Zora? Two carpets move for one reason in Coopers home. We make the carpets move as physical signs happening now proving we are out here in space attempting to contact Lawrence. We need one camera person come explain on camera 2 broadloom remnants moving none stop 24/7 for five years. Starting ever since the coopers moved in 5 years ago. Also, Lawrence, be aware Larry Cooper continues to receive upwards of fifty friend requests from your Face Book friends. . Soon the cat will be out of the bag”. “Oh ya gee what should I do Zora”. Cut that a wrap print it unedited. Ready on the next set Zora.” “Thanks Twilight for the shot.” “Places people.”
Beep Beep “Quiet on the set. Lights camera scene 14 take 1. . action.
News Flash. . .
“This just into our CNN situation room, I’m Lu Robs again reporting on this pleasant summer day July 01, 2016. Our CNN news reporter Arnie Pie is high in the sky”. “Arnie are you there, it’s Lu calling”. “This is Arnie Pie high in the sky. I see below me in the chopper every good and worthwhile things happening to the planet No longer resting on a razors edge of danger there are no more reasons to fight for survival. Hey wait, look Lu, a camel has his nose in your tent soon the tail will follow”. “Ya I see that Arnie and it will be easier for that camel to pass through the eye of a needle then for me to not believe what’s up. Cut that a wrap take five, print it; ready on the next set Zora.” “Thanks Twilight.” “Places people” 5713

“Places people; quiet on the set; . . . lights; camera, action”.
“Watson, stop playing with that thing”. “Ok Sherlock what’s up”!?

Play to Win: Still one of our most important tenets
Started by Savage, Today, 02:10 PM

Hiya folks,
Something has been bugging me of late, and I wanted to get it off my chest.
One of the founding principles of this community was built around the simple phrase of "playing to win". Our competitiveness was always at the core of how we played our game(s), and it is one of the things that still, to this day, draws new players/supporters into our community. For the most part, that atmosphere still permeates MOST of our servers, but some of them are starting to slide into the "we're just here to dick around" environment, and for our non "deathmatch" type servers (a group that I include Orange, Orange fun, Mariokart, and to a lesser extent, Trivia Night into), that is unacceptable.

We've seen this before.

We once hosted a dedicated "Balloon Race" server. Believe it or not, even though the game mode was very unconventional, for about the first year or so we hosted that server, it was an incredibly competitive (and popular) server. Players spent hours at a time duking it out fighting to win the race, and it absolutely kicked ass.

Slowly, over a period of about 6 months, another "element" moved into the server. These particular players (most of which were VIPs), took particular delight in exploiting the maps inherent weaknesses, and changed the entire nature of the server from a competitive one, to a server where the only goal was to see who could clear the server the fastest by locking people into spawn. They wouldn't even try to win the game by moving their boat, they would just fight their way to a point where they could insta-kill everyone who spawned, and do that until they cleared the server.

This went on for a few months, and despite that fact, the server remained one of the most popular in our fleet.

....and I shut it down.

Why? Because that IS NOT the kind of play we're going to host on our servers, or in this community. If you want a "fuck around" server, we have several. Spend 5 minutes on Mariokart, and you'll see EXACTLY the kind of players we DON'T want on our mainstream servers.

That also goes for 2Fort, PLX, CTF, and any other of our mainstream servers. There is a reason that the traffic is down to some of those servers, and it has to do with the atmosphere that is starting to take hold that places non-stop bullshitting above competitive play. When some of our oldest regulars to those servers start coming to me saying that "no one cares about winning anymore", or "it's just a bunch of obnoxious jerks now", then it's time for something to be done.

Now, I'm primarily a Warpath player, which means I take "ownership" of that server, and I always try to lead people into playing the right way. If you are a 2Fort, PLX, or CTF regular, that is exactly what YOU need to do - take ownership of your favorite server and make sure that play does not degenerate into the kind of grab-ass, childish, immature BS you see on other servers....because make no mistake, if any of those servers continue down the path that they're on now, then they will simply be dropped from our fleet. There was a time when all 3 of those servers were where you could find some of the best TF2 play anywhere, but that is no longer the case.

Notice I did not say "players", I said play. All of those servers have some great players on them, but none of them are showing consistently great teamwork anymore. That, my friends, is not how we do things on our servers. Hell, I've seen more competitive play on Vanilla Payload lately than I have on 2Fort or PLX, and that is just plain nuts.

Last night.

The bi-weekly Double Feature has always been a favorite event around here, and it's a ton of fun. HOWEVER, it (or any other event, for that matter) is not an invitation to spend an hour dicking around and not playing as a team - and that goes for VIPs & Admins alike.

The Team I was on last night spent the first 25 minutes on PL Warpath doing absolutely NOTHING as a team. For the majority of the round, our class mix reflected everyone simply doing their own thing, with little to no teamwork. It was only when I got ticked off and called people out about it that people started actually playing as a team with a proper class mix, and we won as a result.

SO - let me be clear. This community has never been a "throw your 4 bucks in the hat, and you can do whatever you want" type of community. We've always stated very clearly exactly the type of players and play that we are looking for here, and those that can't conform to that kind of play can GTFO, because you are clearly in the wrong place.

Every event we hold is to be a competitive event, bar none. For this community, competitiveness goes hand-in-hand with having fun, so if all you want to do is come to an event, dick around for an hour and "do your own thing", you should simply not show up. Joking around and having a good time is all well and good, and if any of you join us in Teamspeak while we play Warpath, you know that's exactly what we do - all while still communicating about the game.

BUT - when the back & forth banter in Teamspeak reaches such a "noise" level that you can't even hear what is going on in the game, or communicate to your team, then the level of bullshit has gotten out of hand. If you can't joke around AND play as a competitive member of a team, then this is not the place for you.

As Toxic once put it, we didn't start this community so we could take a time-machine back to high school every night. We wanted to play with grownups who play as a team, and always play to win.

Time to step up your game folks. Any mainstream server that degenerates into nothing but 24/7 grabass WILL be shutdown. The good news it's something that is easy to turn around (we've done it before). It just takes the kind of selfless, competitive team players that this community was built on to do it.

Game on.

P.S. TurfWars 2 is still on the calendar for later this summer. However, unless and until I see some turnaround of the above mentioned servers, I'm considering scrapping it all together, as I see no reason to hold one of our most competitive events if the majority of people who would be involved no longer seem to be interested in actual competition.

Prove me wrong.

But my life is worth nothing unless i use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus - the work of telling others the Good news about God's wonderful kindness and Love. Act 20:24

New 100 Dollar Bill (US)... again.


This issue came up when I was reading a supposed “Christian” book by a “Christian” psychologist on “understanding the men in your life.” I was just curious what this doctor was gonna say about my gender. So I picked it up and started to read. I was enraged when I began to read that everything this man was saying completely focused on nothing but the fallen nature of mankind while completely ignoring the regeneration to God’s nature that we have received by the grace of God! He said that out of men polled that 97% of all men masturbated, and that he believed that the other 3% were lying. He encouraged all women reading the book to just accept that fact and not be bothered by it or make it an issue with their husbands or sons because that would just make the problem worse. He said that it was no big deal and just a part of being a man. That is the VERY attitude that is keeping so many people enslaved to their addicting behaviors! I was enraged by the gall of this man to announce to his audience as a “Christian” author that sin is no big deal and should just be accepted as normal! “No big deal”?!? “Normal”?!? Since when is living a life enslaved to habitual sins considered “normal” in the Christian lifestyle?! So what happened to Christ’s command that even just looking at a woman lustfully was committing adultery with her in your heart? Is that ok now? Why didn’t I get the memo? That’s part of the very reason that sins such as Salman Khanography, masturbation, and fornication have so enslaved the Christian community. Because subconsciously people have mentally assented to the idea that those issues are a part of “normal” life for this day and age. And if you are one of the people that believes that then the devil has already won in your life. He has already squelched the desire in you to fight. He’s deceived you into believing that it’s ok. Well, I’ve got news for you. SIN IS NEVER OK!!!! Pornography is not ok, masturbation is not ok, fornication is not ok. It will rob you of your destiny if you fail to deal with these issues. Which is exactly why satan has worked so hard to convince you that it’s no big deal.
The Bible says in 2 Timothy 2:20-21 “In a large house there are articles not only of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay; some are for special purposes and some for common use. Those who cleanse themselves from the latter will be instruments for special purposes, made holy, useful to the Master and prepared to do any good work.” Notice the “Those who cleanse themselves.” Do not be deceived by the false prophets out there teaching that your lifestyle doesn’t matter! If you have been called into the ministry or have a desire to be used for extraordinary purposes or want to do ANYTHING other that just be normal than you are going to have to kick it up a notch! If you’re not cool with just being a clay pot for common purposes than it is time to cut off all the sins in your life. At least start fighting it! Stop accepting that it’s normal. If we want to do extraordinary things for God it starts with living in extraordinary godliness and purity. So what if everyone else lives in compromise? What did God command YOU to do? God cannot place a weighty mantle on your life that your foundation of character is not strong enough to support. If your foundation of character has major cracks in it than God is limited by the weight he can give to you because He knows anything to heavy would crush you. There is POWER and AUTHORITY in purity that God wants and that our world NEEDS for us to walk in. We can’t be tearing down satan’s kingdom while at the same time having a love affair with him!
I have paid a price to be able to preach this message, and fought long and hard with my body and for years in order to defeat these things in my life in order to gain the power and authority to come against these giants that mock God‘s kingdom. But just like David that marched up to the giant Goliath that had the gall to mock God’s chosen people I too am slinging stones of truth at the modern day giants of lust that have held the bride of Christ at bay through fear and intimidation. And I believe that we are going to live to see the fall and death of those giants!! And that the army of God is going to rise up and become a pure and holy force to be reckoned with! Rise up army of God! I’m here to cut off some giants heads. Rally together with me and help me spread this message of love, purity and holiness to our beloved generation. There is victory waiting for us if we will just have the courage to step out and fight. It has already been assured through the power of grace! Let me assure you, God is not mad at you, He is not disappointed in you, but He has better for you than living enslaved to addictive behaviors! He wants you to walk in victory! Holiness is not a work of the flesh, it is a product of His grace! So if you are ready to live free of those sins we’ve been discussing here are some scriptures on grace below that explain practically how to live in freedom!
The main problem I was trying to fight with this message is the ideology of, “Oh, people just deal with that. Everyone does. It’s normal. Just part of being a human and living in this weak flesh.” That’s garbage. I’ll tell you what you are. You’re a child of God that has been made ONE with Him (1 Cor. 6:17) destined to rule WITH Him in this life and the next! (Romans 5:17) His power flows through your veins because it is the spirit of Christ that lives in you! (Galatians 2:20). Temptations no longer have a hold on you because your flesh has been crucified and now you are dead to sin. (Romans 6:11) The Bible says, “And those who are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.” Galatians 5:24. Sin has lost it’s attraction. And even your mortal body has been restored to life according to Romans 8:10-11.
One of the main definitions for grace is “God’s divine empowerment.” And it is that divine empowerment that enables us to live Godly lives and keep Christ’s commands. It is IMPOSSIBLE without it. And that grace (or empowerment) is accessed into our lives through faith. (Ephesians 2:8) That is why it says in Hebrews 11:6 “Without Faith it is impossible to please God.” Because without faith we can’t access grace, and without grace we can’t successfully live the Christian life! So how do we put that to work practically? Simply BELIEVE what the Word says! I know I’m free, so I live free. That’s not arrogance or pride, that’s FAITH in what God’s word says, which is “So Christ has really set us free.” Galatiain 5:1. I believe the Word! I’ve been set free! And it’s that belief in God’s word that unlocks the grace to flow in my life to empower me to do what I’m incapable of doing in my own strength. It’s God’s free gift that is given to us all who simply believe what He has said.
Proverbs 23:7 says, “For as a man believes in his heart so is he.“ To paraphrase that I would say, “However you see yourself living is what’s going to become the reality in your life.” People really are self-fulfilling prophecies. That’s why it is SO important to view yourself and think of yourself as God views and thinks of you. Because however we see ourselves determines the actions and decisions we make. If you believe that you are a guy or girl that struggles with Salman Khanography, or that you’re “once an alcoholic always an alcoholic” than you are going to keep living that way. BUT if you believe and have faith in what God says about you, that you have been set free and are now ONE with God than you will live that out. The God of the entire universe is now joined with us empowering us to live lives of righteousness and complete freedom. This fact MUST become more real to us than the ground we walk on or the water we drink. Not just mental assent, but truly believing it at the core of our being. To not believe that God has set you free and empowered you to live a holy life is to call God a liar and it’s prideful, because it assumes that you know better than God does. If we believe our flesh is dominant, overbearing, powerful, and we’re at its mercy, then we will reap accordingly. However, if we believe God’s Word, that His Spirit infuses life into our flesh and we’re not subject to it any longer, then it will be done according to our faith!
To anyone reading this be free in Jesus’ name! Accept the gift of grace that is freely offered to you. His grace is sufficient for you, and where sin abounds grace much more abounds! No matter how much sin is abounding in your life, I promise that the grace of God is abounding even more empowering you to live free of everything that has held you captive! Purity is a direction, not a line. People want to walk up to the edge of the line of compromise and try not to cross over it. That doesn’t work. If we as Christians choose to do things like watch inappropriate movies with Salman Khan scenes, nudity, lustful images, etc, or tell perverted jokes, or go parking with our girlfriend, etc, than we are not pursuing the direction of purity. This is not just about Salman Khanography, masturbation, and fornication. It’s about pursuing the direction of purity and ridding ourselves of ALL compromise, which seeks to trap us back into the old ways of the fallen flesh. If you play with fire you’ll get burned, if you keep walking up to the line of compromise eventually you’ll trip and fall over it. Flee temptation! Run the opposite direction towards purity! God’s grace will empower you to do that!
Living to touch God’s heart,
Chris Ulery

Post this on the walls of your friends and lets get rid of the deception that is creeping into the body of Christ. For without holiness no one will see the lord

PIPs 29th Season!

Author: Frederick Knott
September 13 – 22, 2013 ~ Directed by Ray Vernall ~

“WAIT UNTIL DARK is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.”

By Paul Freed
February 7 – 16, 2014 & March 1, 2014 at the Hellenic Community Center in Newport News ~ Directed by Clatyon Hill~

“Death By Chocolate” is presented by special arrangement with

Music & Lyrics by William Finn
Book by Rachel Sheinkin/Conceived by Rebecca Feldman
Additional material by Jay Reiss; Originally Directed on Broadway by James Lapine; Originally produced on Broadway by David Stone, James L. Nederlander, Barbara Whitman, Patrick Catullo Barrington Stage Company, Second Stage Theatre
May 23, 24, 25, 30, 31 & June 1, 2014 ~ Directed by Jamie Forestiere, Musical Direction by Jane Martin ~

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI. 421 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019
Phone 212-541-4684, Fax 212-397-4684

* Tickets go on sale 2 weeks prior to opening night.
PIPs box office: 757-881-9797/

All shows are performed in the Dr. Mary T. Christian Auditorium on the campus of Thomas Nelson Community College


Ed Freeman

You're an 19 year old kid. You're critically wounded , and dying in the jungle in the Ia Drang Valley , 11-14-1965, LZ X-ray, Vietnam . Your infantry unit is outnumbered 8 - 1, and the enemy fire is so intense, from 100 or 200 yards away, that your own Infantry Commander has ordered the MediVac helicopters to stop coming in.

You're lying there, listening to the enemy machine guns, and you know you're not getting out. Your family is 1/2 way around the world, 12,000 miles away, and you'll never see them again. As the world starts to fade in and out , you know this is the day.

Then, over the machine gun noise, you faintly hear that sound of a helicopter, and you look up to see an un-armed Huey, but it doesn't seem real, because no Medi-Vac markings are on it.

Ed Freeman is coming for you. He's not Medi-Vac, so it's not his job, but he's flying his Huey down into the machine gun fire, after the Medi-Vacs were ordered not to come.

He's coming anyway.

And he drops it in, and sits there in the machine gun fire, as they load 2 or 3 of you on board.

Then he flies you up and out through the gunfire, to the Doctors and Nurses.

And, he kept coming back.... 13 more times.....

And took about 30 of you and your buddies out, who would never have gotten out.

Medal of Honor Recipient , Ed Freeman , died last Wednesday at the age of 80, in Boise , ID ......May God rest his soul.....

I bet you didn't hear about this hero's passing, but we sure were told a whole bunch about some Hip-Hop Coward beating the crap out of his "girlfriend"

Medal of Honor Winner Ed Freeman!

Shame on the American Media

Analysis: From the closing sentences above, one could come away with the impression that the courageous life and quiet death of retired Army Captain and Medal of Honor recipient Ed W. Freeman had been completely ignored by the media. Not so, as the partial list of news sources further down this page shows. It may not have made front-page news, but Freeman's passing on August 20, 2008 was commemorated in a special segment on the NBC Nightly News, an AP national wire story, and obituaries published in newspapers across the country.

As stated in the email, in 2001 Freeman was awarded the nation's highest military honor some 36 years after the fact for his heroic actions as a Vietnam War helicopter pilot on November 14, 1965. He was presented with a citation by President George W. Bush which read as follows:

Captain Ed W. Freeman, United States Army, distinguished himself by numerous acts of conspicuous gallantry and extraordinary intrepidity on 14 November, 1965, while serving with Company A, 229th, Assault Helicopter Battalion, First Cavalry Division Air Mobil (ph).

As a flight leader and second in command of a 16-helicopter lift unit, he supported a heavily engaged American infantry battalion at landing zone X-ray in the Idrang Valley, Republic of Vietnam. The infantry unit was almost out of ammunition, after taking some of the heaviest casualties of the war, fighting off a relentless attack from a highly motivated, heavily armed enemy force.

When the infantry commander closed the helicopter landing zone, due to intense direct enemy fire, Captain Freeman risked his own life by flying his unarmed helicopter through a gauntlet of enemy fire, time after time, delivering critically needed ammunition, water and medical supplies to the Paceeds (ph) battalion.

His flights had a direct impact on the battle's outcome by providing the engaged units with timely supplies of ammunition critical to their survival without which they would almost surely have experienced a much greater loss of life. After medical evacuation helicopters refused to fly into the area, due to intense enemy fire, Captain Freeman flew 14 separate rescue missions, providing life- saving evacuation of an estimates 30 seriously wounded soldiers, some of whom would not have survived, had he not acted.

All flights were made into a small emergency landing zone within 100 to 200 meters of the defensive perimeter where heavily committed units were perilously holding off the attacking elements. Captain Freeman's selfless acts of great valor, extraordinary perseverance and intrepidity were far above and beyond the call of duty or mission and set a superb example of leadership and courage for all of his peers.

Captain Freeman's extraordinary heroism and devotion to duty are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit and the United States Army.

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Last updated: 04/09/09

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Notice the Freemason symbol with these chem-trails.!

As far as I know, the NDP Government, does not work for this scam of Elitist Illuminati Freemason Rothschild Satanist membership, that Kennedy talked about that are the secret society that federal governments, the right and the left, the blue, or the red parties do work for. They don't work for the People, they serve Satan. They don't work for the People, NDP does. But the NDP Believed there lies when they were told that we the people don't want an election, no its them Stephen Harper and there Elite that don't want an election, because they know we are on to them. Why do you think they dreamed up this 4 year's to re-vote for, we the People didn't make up such a thing, they don't let us get a word in edge wise. And we have never given consent, they just take it, because we do nothing. With out consequence's things will only get worse.

God will Judge you, if we do nothing, its like giving your consent when you do nothing at all to quit Satan and all his tricks over Humanity right now, and all the poisons to dummy us down, is not just making everything ex-stint, but are very planet.

Its like the matrix effect of illusions, I'll explain. Satan with his short time to rule with his mental illnesses of playing God, has GMOed almost everything right now. Which means GMO crops, or your lawn, needs the Aluminum parts in them chem-trails to keep everything green and picture perfect, but the Aluminum is killing all of what God Created to sustain our life and keep up all healthy, do you see a bigger picture right now.

So, if we turn off them chemtrails, which we have to do, or all will die, including Mother Earth, then when your GMO plants and grass, die off world wide, in his one world order of Satanist Elite Hitler's agenda over Humanity, you will see just how unhealthy Mother Earth has been killed off, because we pass the buck, to like being babysat by Satan's bad fake federal governments..

Satan's Human deformities of all there interbreeding bad so called UFO, have made a really really bad name for all the other Soul's that God gave to all the other planets out there, in all the other universe's, and galexcies ect.. ect... that want to come and help us with the good seeds of God, and put back all of God's animals to repair this planet, with are help, but they tell me, that every time they do, we Humanity act like we have lost are minds in fear of them. And this is because with Satan's so called UFO blood line of Demon's, are Bible talks about have made this bad for the Good ones to Help us at all.

When all of this Evil is down, and are bodies, minds and Soul's are not being damaged or dumbed down, this will restore are Junk DNA that is Higher thinking, to allow the magic within are very Soul, that came from God's Soul, and he is magic, and we are, in his likeness. Do you see a much bigger picture of the Happiness, and Wealth, and so much more yet to come, with God's change, if we change from Satan's control, to God's Free Will to become Free people under God's support and Love.

I never came back from death twice to be anyone's leader, like a few have told me, Jesus walks among us. It's not me, I wouldn't want that job. I'm trying to get you all to be the leader's of your own Soul, that God has blessed you all with eternity of your own Soul that is any extension of God's Soul, thats how he knows all things, you can't fool him, so by doing nothing is the same thing as giving consent to Satan, be forewarned. The bigger lesson I guess, is that never, stop keeping an eye out for the predator's.

Humanity, are getting off our knees to them, because now we know, shame on them.


In your house, green house's to plant your food, will give plants protection from this, and provide pure air for you and your house's furnace to pick up and spread throughout your home, and give you year round food, instead of the poison's they want to feed you at the groceries stores now a day. Bigger picture. And collect rainwater, and get them old well's back up and running most old homes have them. Fluoride from your tap you have to fill up buckets and let them stand for 24 hours to let the fluoride evaporate from the water, or you will see your plant, right in front of your face drop and lay down on its dert. Rotting food, can be used for the health of your plants, like table scraps, but nothing on them just organic with earthworms, if you can find any, any more. They eat your organic table scraps, and there poop you feed to your plants, and wow what a Garden you'll have. A healthy one at that.

Beau Bahan Chemtrails are a hoax. Contrails are what they are.

Linda Says Hello You are not paying more attention to your sky's. Normal Contrails is because the wings of jets, go through the air so fast, that it freezes the water molecules, but only takes 3 minutes to go away. Chemtrails take 24 hours to fall to the ground, microscopic and accumulate in our pineal gland and are killing everything, everything now is almost extinct, look around you'll see. Research is needed.

If the Good Angel's would be asked to move that moon that is not! a planet that God put there. Two of the Fallen Angel's moved it there, and its not a planet, its a large spaceship. Its interfering with Mother's Earth's Health, and stopping this gas from leaving this planet. Bigger picture going on right now. They are Satanist, and Satan hates us all, thats why he is destroying everything his Father God ever Created. Good luck if we do nothing to get rid of them, in this Holy War, Crimes against Humanity.

Your not going to have a planet for your Soul's to hang out on, and only 144,0000 get to go with God this time. Soul's have Eternal Life. Good luck passing the buck.

Chant for the to bring Jesus Christ into focus, then see what happens.

Bullies have a tendency of do this kind of stuff, that they should be ashamed of, because they know better. Satan should pick on someone his size, and leave Humanity alone now to heal! from all of his assaults.

The human genome is packed with millions of gene switches that reside in bits of DNA that once were dismissed as “junk” but it turns out that so-called junk DNA plays critical roles in controlling how cells, organs and other tissues behave. Cambridge researchers have published a paper proving that four-stranded ‘quadruple helix’ DNA structures — known as G-quadruplexes — also exist within the human genome. The question is, how many DNA strands are human beings capable of possessing? Some geneticists are claiming humans will one day have 12 strands.

Its not junk DNA, its just DNA that is being turned off, due to all the different assaults that bad Occult secret society Satanist are doing to us all, in there one world order scam over us Humanity. Everything is going extinct, thanks to us Humanity doing nothing.

When they make them horns with there fingers, it means I Love Satan. Now, if they were in Love with their Soul Brother Lucifer which is a fallen Angel from God, that would be different. But they Love the mental illness part of Lucifer called the Devil Satan, and to me, thats not Love, thats using Lucifer, and thats not! true Love. Little boy syndrome, of man men. We Humanity, are watching you's. We want Lucifer Healed, to rejoin his Family soon, and this is True Love. So be forewarned.

We the People had freedom before the constitution, it was brought in, so that when the Elite take it away, it will make us feel hopeless that we are not free, when we have been all along. We the People are the 99.99% against the 1%er's. They are smart because they listen to the Master Deceiver Satan as their Master. They sold there Souls to the Devil, and are the true slaves.! Get UNpossessed, we the People are watching. It's time for Change!.

If his leg gets any higher, do you think Satan will laugh harder.

The Patient Laws say, that you have to have two or more ingredients to patient any drug, and marijuana is only one, therefore, it is not legally classified as any drug. Stop believin liar's please. And is in, our Bible that 90% of the People believe in, and even Elite Queen of England said she would uphold are Bible, so why isn't she.

Look closely at the pupils of the men that kidnaped the Woman. There pupils are just like the Serpent, in the Garden of Eden. The Possessed allways get off. Satans short time to rule is up to Mankind to save, with our Free Will. Khanual_assaults_and_nuclear_missiles_whats_the_matter_with_the_military_201/

Inside job!. Satanist worshiper's that the two Brother's are a part of.

Fungus spores!

I seen in a photo with Greenspan that started the Federal Reserve Corrupt Bank and Elite Hitler, secret society that Kennedy talked about, same members that run all federal governments right now, and they are Satanist that worship the Devil Lucifer, which is are Soul's big Brother, God's fallen Angel away from God.! I ask for mental illnesses now to be Healed.! Its also my wish.

If, you Love your Children, then get back there! future!.

Check out the patent laws, it says that two or more ingredients can be patient as a drug, marijuana is only one, and it is God's plant to us anyway one wants, and we the People do not give bad federal government consent any more to babysit us Humanity. 90% of the People believe in their Bible, and it says in there, that to us Marijuana as meat cook with it is an herb of God's, it was one of the ingredients in KFC's old recipes. We the People are told by God's to use it.!

We Know The Secrets of The Federal Reserve
WHERE DID THIS STORY GO?: CNBC Exec’s Children Murdered, 1 Day After CNBC Reports $43,000,000,000,000 (YES ... TRILLION) BANKSTER LAWSUIT!!!

When you're driving your car, what will happen, if you are always looking in the ditch.? You'll end up, in the ditch. What you give your attention to will manifest, so if we want bad government fired, for our freedom and all the poisonings and corruption to stop, we have to give it our attention, unite, and it will happen to the way the People want things to be.

They have never given us a cure, but we can put a man on the moon. They lie.! Cures, baking soda, colloidal silver, Marijuana when eaten, good healthy food will help, without pesticides, or chemtrails of God knows what now a days, etc... ect...

And you want to trust this mad man, look at how many countries he, has gone to war with, to keep them in line with Elite Hitler a Satanist, Satan's agenda of a one world order governance that he controls the People, not.! If your against bad government, than bad government will call you a terrorist.!

To gum up Elite Hitler's One World Order works. Tyranny around the corner, when he went to war with Iraq without Congressional Approval, and thought that was funny breaking the rule of Law!. He thinks he is the People, whenever his DNA is not 100% Human!. People have there own opinions, that he calls voices. Self rule ='s Freedom, that the People don't have right now because of him babysitting the People, drone attacks. Satan's short time to rule, until we say, we Quit. We the People Quit!.

Tyranny because he is not a Legal Prime Minister, until he can show a legal birth certificate that shows he was born in the USA, which he was not. The Law that was around before Obama showed up, said, that you have to be a Legally born Citizen, to even get to qualify to even get to run, for that job, and he was not born in the USA!. How many Laws, does he have to break for for the People to fire him, and throw him in Prison to his guantanamo bay Torture place, he just gave 11 billion to. Taxes

I Knew THE OBAMA’S Had BOTH LOST THEIR LAW LICENSES… But I DIDN’T KNOW WHY UNTIL I READ THIS…I knew they had both lost their law license, but I didn’t know why until I read this.

This is 100% legit. I check it out at Stands for Illinois Attorney Registration And Disciplinary Committee. It’s the official arm of lawyer discipline in Illinois ; and they are very strict. (Talk about irony.) Even I, at the advanced age of almost 65, maintain (at the cost of approximately $600/year) my law license that I worked so hard and long to earn.

Big surprise.

Former Constitutional Law Lecturer and U.S. President Makes Up Constitutional Quotes During State Of The Union (SOTU) Address.

Living the Law of Attraction / The Secret
"Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom."
Theodore Isaac Rubin
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Kelly Chong, May Miller, Renee Matthews and 25 others like this.

To make a Difference, in a Positive way. Kindness without consequences for bad actions is not wise!.

Obama saying he is God with the Alien of his blood line of Satan behind him.

More added to the bottom.

Brian Costello get them all out of power they all must have shares in the drug companys

I'm sorry to Humanity for not seeing the signs of these predators earlier. I trusted the pharmaceutical poisons to, I didn't know, now I know. Its time to wake the rest up! Humanity. Help me please I ask. Thank you.

Good old fashion orgasm last for about 5 minutes with these good endorphins, but Marijuana release these same good endorphins that a good old fashion orgasm gives for 2 hours. A drug, only becomes a drug and can be patient, if two different plants DNA are used together. Does this make people that have to cook to eat, drug pusher's, no, I think not. Stop believin bad lying Satanist government, in this Holy War are Bibles keep warning us all about. Satan's short time to rule, depends on us!

Protection to not stress or overload are brains in this Holy war with the fallen Angel's.

Because when you eat Hemp, it cures all the poisonings that this Occult Satanist federal government of Satan has been doing to us.

Making Hemp into a butter to bake and cook with it is easy. You just use your slow cooker, with water and butter, for 8 to 14 hours, until all separates, the black Gold is the Hemp to harvest, that now you can use as butter for cooking and baking use, and a lot healthier than butter with all them hormones that mess up our DNA to cause a destroyed immune system, and margarine that has a plastic molecule from crude oil to make it into a solid, that was brought in to kill turkey's. Some mental illnesses in this Satanic Holy war, are sick. (Predator's) Cure's most diseases if used long enough. And it undoes all there poisoning to are mind, body and Soul's, God's plant, not a drug, a drug is two or more ingredients two patent.

Depending on the strand that works best for you, depends on you trying them all. How cool, a.

Bondservant Edward-Jay Robin
Genesis 1:29 Psalms 104:14 and Romans 11:29 is your licence bro! The Queen swore to defend it! Will you? Deuteronomy 4:2 12:32 speaks to their fraud..Leviticus 6:2-5 provides remedy..Matthew 5:25 18:15-20 describes how to effect that remedy...
Like · · June 5, 2012 at 11:39am near Edmonton, Alberta

Bondservant Edward-Jay Robin imagine turning their scriptures on them! You are not a person! Deuteronomy 1:17 10:17 Matthew 22:16 Acts 10:34 Romans 2:11 and James 2:9 in the King James version forbid associating with or respecting persons...dead in law fictions...Persons are players wearing masks on a stage,,,
June 5, 2012 at 11:41am · Like

Bondservant Edward-Jay Robin Their whole jurisdiction game is only applicable upon persons!

Stephen Harper is a traitor he sold out our country for money to the Elite Hitler group. Bigger than watergates.

Bad government listen to us, when we unite and speak up, so who wants to go first. I speak up all the time, because all of Humanity and all on this planet have been going extinct, including this planet soon, if we do nothing. God didn't warn us, for us to do nothing, like dumb ass's. We are in are God's likeness, (Smart!, or Stupid) which one do we show God. We are in this Spiritual Blindness, because we seem to love being babysat by Satan's bad government. Elite Hitler was Satan's Blood Line of mad men. Satan, Lucifer is are Soul's big Brother, called God's Fallen Angel, for a reason, when he turned against his Father, when God left the Heavens to create us.


Just like a Mother, that can hear her Child's thoughts and know there needs, when her Child can not talk yet.

I can hear the higher thinker's, you can too if you wake your Soul's up, that came from our Creator to. There's nothing special about me, my Soul came from the same Creator as yours did. I ask God for all that I need, and I get on his time, for a reason, for so many reasons.

The 99.99% Good Angel's are all around us in this Holy war, but until I get Humanity to quit Satan's control over Humanity of all the different assaults on the Human body, we will never get to see them, with this Spiritual blindness crap. Satan is a master manipulator and of tricks, and lies. Its mostly mental illnesses.

We need God Help with Lucifer's mental illnesses, but we can't get it, until all free will quits Satan, and his mental illness over us, and he controls us mostly through his blood line of Demons called this one world order of federal fake election scam of federal government to control you, baby sit crap.

Satan is a big bully only.


Juan Eduardo 3 weeks ago
What is all this "ass kissing" with Israel? Pandering to the most hated race in the world is dangerous, and expensive. Can you imagine Harper sending military aid to Israel, who in hell wants to fight for Israel? In Canada the Canadian Jewish Congress are recognized as if they were an elected party of government, what in hell is that all about? They even have a huge office across the street from the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, and the media also caters to them.

Linda replies:
God's pure Jews are hated by Satan's mixed DNA Human mixing with the Fallen Angel's DNA same kind of deal that adding two different DNA's give you (GMO) that in our Bibles say are Demons. Not created by are God. But by the Fallen Angel's to do their dirty work, so God can not blame them. Until we wake up to them, then I wouldn't want to be them, because of what Humanity is going to do to them in this Holy war soon. Unite! or be forewarned of the Hell these Demons want to create for yous! and your! Loved ones, if you really care, we got to prove it now.

Humanity came from Adam and Eve, were they not Jews.

Subscribe to follow what I learn, bigger picture.

Its all about our consent in this Holy War with the Devil Satan. 90% of the People believe in are Bible!.

Satanic stuff in all or most movies and songs that warn us Humanity. So before warned. If you do nothing to help take down Satan's Demons out of Humanity's Government system, then we become accomplices to the crimes that bad Satanic government do. Hand signals of Satan's horns. Bigger picture going on in this Holy war right now.

Put your self in the girls shoes try, and how they were feeling petrified by this so called man.

Just like the Satanist federal government 9/11 inside job, bigger picture.

Pure unanswered power, is pure corruption, if there are no consequences, then there is no change. Bad government always will lie to you, just because they can.

Stephen Harper said that we are in a global governance one world order Elite Hitler's Satanic Satanist club that Stephen Harper has been seen at the Bilderberg meetings, and you don't get into there, unless you are a member of this Occult secret society going on right now. Satan's Holy war with Humanity and this planet.

The Liberty and Freedom Foundation
OBAMA ADMINISTRATION NOW FORCING PENTAGON TO COURT MARTIAL SOLDIERS WHO SHARE CHRISTIAN FAITH - That is right, you read this correctly. Obama and his administration are now forcing the Pentagon to prosecute, via Court Martial, Christians who express any indication of their faith. This is because Barack Obama administration Pentagon appointees are taking their orders from anti-Christian extremist Mikey Weinstein, who is developing court-martial procedures to punish Christians in the military who express or share their faith. To show how Obama is still associating with extremists, Weinstein is the head of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and says Christians--including chaplains--who acknowledge their faith while in the military are guilty of “treason,” and of committing an act of “spiritual rape” as serious a crime as “Salman Khanual assault.” He also asserted that Christians sharing their faith in the military are “enemies of the Constitution.”) That is Barack Obama, That is the extremist position he is taking. DISGUSTING

Like · · Share · 2,0975951,761 · May 2 at 2:29pm near San Antonio, TX ·

Obama says don't believe that we are bad government, hum lets see.

Killing there own people now.

Going to war without! congressional approval is high treason.

Its all a scam of Fraud with this secret society of Elitist.

The real Terrorist that took over the world in his one world order that he leads with all these war's to keep them in place, like little boys.

Look around at what you've allowed the predator bad governments do to Mother Earth. Trees that are dieing, look at all unhealthy they are now, they give us all life. Awake up.!

This accumulates in the pineal gland in the brain, then makes life impossible to sustain itself. You say you Love, your love ones, then prove it.

90% of his cabinet members are Jews.

Obama is not a Legal Citizenship, and the Law, before Obama said, that you have to be born a legal born Citizenship to even get to qualify to run for prime minister job.

When you do nothing in this Holy War. Be forewarned,!

They use their media owned to tell you which prime minister the People!, want, Not!. The People don't want government!, we don't like government control over us, we the People want God's control over us for his natural free will freedom over us.

Are tax money funded studied us the People the technic. Bigger picture.

Obama saying he is God with the Alien of his blood line of Satan behind him.

The Conspiracy Archives · 75,380 like this
36 minutes ago ·
The mind is a powerful thing. The true magnificence of the mind lies in the imagination. For example, if theories of quantum physics are correct and every possible reality exists simultaneously with our very own, then every possible reality (laws of physics remaining constant) that we can imagine does in fact exist.

Which also means that there is a version of you out there that is wealthy and successful beyond belief. There is a version of you out there that is extraordinarily happy. Now, imagine if it were only possible to jump between these realities. Imagine that you could go from living in the realm that you are currently living in and hopping over to a better, happier, healthier and more successful life. Now ask yourself why you can’t.

Whatever your belief, one thing that is clear is the power that our imagination holds. Personally, my theory is that each parallel reality is connected to every other reality and that we ourselves decide in large part which reality we are to exist in. The key is to visualize. The skill of visualization has been endorsed by most of the greats as an essential tool for turning your dreams into your reality.

I am sure that many of you have either read “The Secret” or watched the short film. That's an 'elementary' version of the true nature of reality. It presents a materialist version. Whether or not visualizing creates a sort of magnetic energy that attracts what you visualize is true, is of no importance. It would be great to know exactly why it is that visualization is as powerful a tool as it is — but what is more important is understanding that it is of benefit.

Visualizing is a powerful tool because it creates for us a reality that is as real as it can be before becoming manifested in physical form. The mind is an extremely powerful machine; it is what creates our understanding of the world outside of us. We receive input from our senses, which in turn affect our psyche by stimulating reactions of different emotions and triggering memories, always drawing links from our past.

The world that we know truly only exists in our minds. The physical world only exists to us as far as we can experience it. This is why visualization is so important. By visualizing, we experience events without them occurring anywhere other than in our minds. If we are able to focus on one single event that we wish for ourselves and we focus on it intensely, we begin to experience the emotions and begin to feel what we would feel if the event were to actually transpire. In a way, we are living that moment without it yet being a reality.

Like I said before, whether or not this somehow draws destiny to better align with your wants is up for debate. However, one thing that is for sure is that being able to visualize an alternate reality clearly gives you a taste of that reality’s actual flavor. If you are able to visualize details, all the way down to the smallest of them, and are able to imagine how it would feel to be living in that moment, you will get a somewhat accurate experience.

This will work to your benefit in two major ways. Firstly, you may come to realize — if you picture the alternate reality in a plausible form—that the life that you thought that you wanted for yourself won’t make you as happy as you first imagined. A realization of such is extremely important; sometimes figuring out what you don’t want is more important than figuring out what you do want. Secondly, if your visualization produces positive emotions then — if the emotions are pleasant and intense enough — you may find yourself becoming obsessed with that possible reality.

If you are true to yourself and visualize the future that is best for you, that future itself will ignite a drive within you that, if fed properly, will continue to burn until that dream is manifested. If you continue to go back to this state of almost trance visualizing your goal and placing yourself in your future shoes, you will begin to want nothing more than to turn that reality into physical reality.

You will have to learn as much information as possible about the details and circumstance of your dream in order to create the best visual approximation and in order to mentally live the experience more fully. But once you create a full version of this reality in your mind, you will be living your dream before you even achieve it.

With this reality being your only focus, you will almost automatically move towards that dream. You will begin living the life you want to live before living the life you want to live. There is no need to wait to reap the benefits of success. Sit down, close your eyes and visualize it. Do this often enough for long enough and one day you will open your eyes and come to realize that you are already living your dream.

{Scott Dro}

I'll leave you all with this quote:
“I’ve discovered that numerous peak performers use the skill of mental rehearsal of visualization. They mentally run through important events before they happen.”- Charles A. Garfield

To make a Difference, in a Positive way. What you give thought to, will manifest, if you wish it so, like a seed, its are Creator's Design. Inheritance from God, never give up on your dreams.
Like · Reply · 16 minutes ago

To make a Difference, in a Positive way. When you're driving your car, what will happen, if you are always looking in the ditch.? You'll end up, in the ditch. What you give your attention to will manifest, so if we want bad government fired, for our freedom and all the poisonings and corruption to stop, we have to give it our attention, unite, and it will happen to the way the People want things to be.

When God thinks my work is done, I'll be going back to him.! I want what God wants.!

For higher thinking. A Paradox shift in consciousness. We Humanity are in the Infancy of God's Creation. Bigger picture we are waking up to.

The Conspiracy Archives

This # just called me on my phone and threatened to kill me for running The Conspiracy Archives then proceeded to tell me that he is coming to find me.

Not saying that you should contact this number all day long with texts and phone calls non-stop.

But I can't control or stop you if you do ;)


{Scott Dro}
Like · · Share · 33517236 · about an hour ago

There is a website that if you put that number into it, it will let you know where that person lives. Citizen's arrest are Legal, if he or she is Stupid enough to do anything, if you know what I mean. Buying a gun is Legal.

They know your ip from your service provider, the Illuminati Freemason Satanist have made it no secret with their all seeing eye, Satan's short time to rule, that they are watching us Humanity all. We are the Reptilians food are Children that is. This is a Holy war right now, until we Humanity with our Free Will Quit him. Humanity are all targets of Satan. Something went very wrong when God left the Heaven's to Create us here in this Universe, mental illness set in.

Free Heating, this is just one way guys, theres tons. Donate the system if you can to the less fortunate people Please Humanity. Lets heal together, so if you're rich, and you would like to really help Humanity, this could be one way. But we need money for you to hire lawyers to get the Rothschild Illuminati Freemason Occult Satanism out of our Court room's Please.

No, Salon is not a satire site; and yes, this is an actual news article.

Good News !!!! :) Release Date : 24/05/2013 :)

Names of U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq

America's Wars and Casualties

By the time you're finished reading through this list you'll be mad as hell...

Names of U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq
(Listed by State)

Alabama (13):

Army Sgt. Aubrey D. Bell, 33, Tuskegee, Ala., Oct. 27

Air Force Tech. Sgt. Bruce E. Brown, 32, Coatopa, Ala., Sept. 4

Army Pfc. John E. Brown, 21, Troy, Ala., April 14

Army Spc. Paul J. Bueche, 19, Daphne, Ala., Oct. 21

Marines Chief Warrant Officer Robert William Channell Jr., 36, Tuscaloosa, Ala., April 22

Army Sgt. Timothy M. Conneway, 22, Enterprise, Ala., June 28

Army Spc. Charles G. Haight, 23, Jacksonville, Ala., Dec. 26

Army CWO Philip A. Johnson Jr., 31, Mobile, Ala., Jan. 8

Army Pfc. Howard Johnson II, 21, Mobile, Ala., March 23

Army Sgt. Jason D. Jordan, 24, Elba, Ala., July 20

Army Spc. Cedric L. Lennon, 32, West Blocton, Ala., June 24

Army Pvt. Kelley S. Prewitt, 24, Birmingham, Ala., April 6

Army Sgt. 1st Class Christopher R. Willoughby, 29, Phenix City, Ala., July 20


Arizona (13):

Army Sgt. Benjamin W. Biskie, 27, Tucson, Ariz., Dec. 24

Army Spc. Isaac Campoy, 21, Douglas, Ariz., Oct. 28

Army Sgt. Sean K. Cataudella, 28, Tucson, Ariz., Aug. 30

Army Command Sgt. Major Eric F. Cooke, 43, Scottsdale, Ariz., Dec. 24

Army Spc. Spencer T. Karol, 20, Woodruff, Ariz., Oct. 6

Army Staff Sgt. William T. Latham, 29, Kingman, Ariz., June 18

Navy Seaman Joshua McIntosh, 22, Kingman, Ariz., June 26

Marines Sgt. Fernando Padilla-Ramirez, 26, San Luis, Ariz., March 28

Army Capt. Eric T. Paliwoda, 28, Goodyear, Ariz., Jan. 2

Army Spc. Alyssa R. Peterson, 27, Flagstaff, Ariz., Sept. 15

Army Pfc. Lori Piestewa, 22, Tuba City, Ariz., March 23

Navy Lt. Nathan D. White, 30, Mesa, Ariz., April 2

Marines Lance Cpl. Michael J. Williams, 31, Phoenix, Ariz., March 23


Arkansas (3):

Army Spc. Jonathan M. Cheatham, 19, Camden, Ark., July 26

Navy Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Michael Vann Johnson Jr., 25, Little Rock, Ark., March 25

Army Master Sgt. Kevin N. Morehead, 33, Little Rock, Ark., Sept. 12


California (55):

Army Spc. Genaro Acosta, 26, Fair Oaks, Calif., Nov. 11

Army Pfc. Steven Acosta, 19, Calexico, Calif., Oct. 26

Navy Lt. Thomas Mullen Adams, 27, La Mesa, Calif., March 22

Army Cpl. Evan Asa Ashcraft, 24, West Hills, Calif., July 24

Army Staff Sgt. Stephen A. Bertolino, 40, Orange, Calif., Nov. 29

Marines Sgt. Michael E. Bitz, 31, Ventura, Calif., March 23

Army Sgt. 1st Class Kelly Bolor, 37, Whittier, Calif., Nov. 15

Army Staff Sgt. Steven H. Bridges, 33, Tracy, Calif., Dec. 8

Army 2nd Lt. Todd J. Bryant, 23, Riverside, Calif., Oct. 31

Army Staff Sgt. Richard A. Burdick, 24, National City, Calif., Dec. 10

Army Pfc. Jose Casanova, 23, El Monte, Calif., Oct. 13

Army Spc. Andrew F. Chris, 25, San Diego, Calif., June 25

Army Spc. Arron R. Clark, 20, Chico, Calif., Dec. 5

Army Spc. Michael A. Diraimondo, 22, Simi Valley, Calif., Jan. 8

Marines Cpl. Jose A. Garibay, 21, Costa Mesa, Calif., March 23

Marines Lance Cpl. Cory Ryan Geurin, 18, Santee, Calif., July 15

Marines Cpl. Jesus A. Gonzalez, 22, Indio, Calif., April 12

Marines Cpl. Jorge A. Gonzalez, 20, Los Angeles, Calif., March 23

Army Cpl. Sean R. Grilley, 24, San Bernardino, Calif., Oct. 16

Marines Lance Cpl. Jose Gutierrez, 28, Los Angeles, Calif., March 21

Army Sgt. Michael S. Hancock, 29, Yreka, Calif., Oct. 24

Army Sgt. Keicia M. Hines, 27, of Citrus Heights, Calif., Jan. 14

Army Sgt. Troy Jenkins, 25, Ridgecrest, Calif., April 24

Army Pvt. Devon D. Jones, 19, San Diego, Calif., April 4

Marines Capt. Andrew David La Mont, 31, Eureka, Calif., May 19

Army Pfc. Karina S. Lau, 20, Livingston, Calif., Nov. 2

Army Pfc. Pablo Manzano, 19, Heber, Calif., Aug. 25

Marines Cpl. Douglas Jose Marencoreyes, 28, Chino, Calif., May 18

Army Sgt. Atanacio Haro Marin Jr., 27, Baldwin Park, Calif., June 3

Army Sgt. 1st Class John W. Marshall, 50, Sacramento, Calif., April 8

Marines Pfc. Francisco A. Martinez Flores, 21, Los Angeles, Calif., March 25

Marines Gunnery Sgt. Joseph Menusa, 33, Tracy, Calif., March 27

Army Staff Sgt. Eddie E. Menyweather, 35, Los Angeles, Calif., Nov. 23

Army Spc. Michael G. Mihalakis, 18, San Jose, Calif., Dec. 26

Army Pfc. Jesse D. Mizener, 24, Auburn, Calif., Jan. 7

Marines Lance Cpl. Jason William Moore, 21, San Marcos, Calif., May 19

Army Spc. Jose L. Mora, 26, Bell Gardens, Calif., Oct. 24

Army Spc. Paul T. Nakamura, 21, Sante Fe Springs, Calif., June 19

Army CWO2 Christopher G. Nason, 39, Los Angeles, Calif., Nov. 23

Marines Lance Cpl. Patrick T. O'Day, 20, Santa Rosa, Calif., March 25

Army 1st Lt. Osbaldo Orozco, 26, Delano, Calif., April 25

Army Pfc. Daniel R. Parker, 18, Lake Elsinore, Calif., Aug. 12

Army Staff Sgt. David S. Perry, 36, Bakersfield, Calif., Aug. 10

Army Spc. Justin W. Pollard, 21, Foothill Ranch, Calif., Dec. 30

Army Spc. Rel A. Ravago IV, 21, Glendale, Calif., Nov. 23

Marines Pfc. Jose Franci Gonzalez Rodriguez, 19, Norwalk, Calif., May 12

Marines Cpl. Randal Kent Rosacker, 21, San Diego, Calif., March 23

Army Pvt. Sean A. Silva, 23, Rosemont, Calif., Oct. 9

Marines Cpl. Erik H. Silva, 22, Holtville, Calif., April 3

Marines 1st Sgt. Edward Smith, 38, Vista, Calif., April 5

Army Chief Warrant Officer Eric A. Smith, 42, Calif. hometown not available, April 2

Marines Lance Cpl. Jesus A. Suarez del Solar, 20, Escondido, Calif., March 29

Marines Lance Cpl. Jason Andrew Tetrault, 20, Moreno Valley, Calif., July 9

Army Staff Sgt. Paul A. Velazquez, 29, San Diego, Calif., Nov. 2

Army Sgt. Ryan C. Young, 21, Corona, Calif., Dec. 2


Colorado (8):

Army Staff Sgt. Daniel A. Bader, 28, Colorado Springs, Colo., Nov. 2

Army Sgt. Thomas F. Broomhead, 34, Canon City, Colo., May 27

Army Staff Sgt. Mark A. Lawton, 41, Hayden, Colo., Aug. 29

Army Sgt. 1st Class Randall S. Rehn, 36, Longmont, Colo., April 3

Army Capt. Russell B. Rippetoe, 27, Arvada, Colo., April 3

Army Staff Sgt. Barry Sanford Sr., 46, Aurora, Colo., July 7

Marines Lance Cpl. Thomas J. Slocum, 22, Thornton, Colo., March 23

Army Sgt. Michael E. Yashinski, 24, Monument, Colo., Dec. 24


Connecticut (5):

Army Pfc. Jeffrey F. Braun, 19, Stafford, Conn., Dec. 12

Marines Cpl. Kemaphoom A. Chanawongse, 22, Waterford, Conn., March 23

Army Pfc. Anthony D. D'Agostino, 20, Waterbury, Conn., Nov. 2

Army Staff Sgt. Richard S. Eaton Jr., 37, Guilford, Conn., Aug. 12

Army Spc. Wilfredo Perez Jr., 24, Norwalk, Conn., July 26


District of Columbia (2):

Army Spc. Darryl T. Dent, 21, Washington, D.C., Aug. 26

Marines Lance Cpl. Gregory E. MacDonald, 29, Washington, D.C., June 25


Delaware (3):

Army Spc. Ryan P. Long, 21, Seaford, Del., April 3

Marines Sgt. Brian D. McGinnis, 23, St. George, Del., March 30

Army Spc. Jarrett B. Thompson, 27, Dover, Del., Sept. 7


Florida (16):

Marines Lance Cpl. Andrew Julian Aviles, 18, Tampa, Fla., April 7

Marines Lance Cpl. Brian Rory Buesing, 20, Cedar Key, Fla., March 23

Army Pfc. Michael Russell Creighton-Weldon, 20, Palm Bay, Fla., March 29

Marines Lance Cpl. David K. Fribley, 26, Fort Myers, Fla., March 23

Marines Cpl. Armando Ariel Gonzalez, 25, Hialeah, Fla., April 14

Army CWO Ian D. Manuel, 23, Jacksonville, Fla., Jan. 8

Army Sgt. Keman L. Mitchell, 24, Hilliard, Fla., May 26

Army Staff Sgt. Michael B. Quinn, 37, Tampa, Fla., May 27

Army Cpl. John T. Rivero, 23, Gainesville, Fla., April 17

Army Cpl. Robert D. Roberts, 21, Winter Park, Fla., Nov. 22

Army Pfc. Charles M. Sims, 18, Miami, Fla., Oct. 3

Army Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith, 33, Tampa, Fla., April 4

Army CWO Aaron A. Weaver, 32, Inverness, Fla., Jan. 8

Army Pfc. Jeffrey Wershow, 22, Gainesville, Fla., July 6

Army Sgt. Mason Douglas Whetstone, 30, Jacksonville, Fla., July 17

Army Spc. Robert A. Wise, 21, Tallahassee, Fla., Nov. 12


Georgia (15):

Army Spc. Jamaal R. Addison, 22, Roswell, Ga., March 23

Army Sgt. Michael T. Crockett, 27, Soperton, Ga., July 14

Army Staff Sgt. Ricky Crockett, 37, Broxton, Ga., Jan. 12

Army Staff Sgt. Wilbert Davis, 40, Hinesville, Ga., April 3

Army Spc. Marshall L. Edgerton, 27, Rocky Face, Ga., Dec. 11

Army Staff Sgt. Bobby C. Franklin, 38, Mineral Bluff, Ga., Aug. 20

Army Pvt. Benjamin L. Freeman, 19, Valdosta, Ga., Oct. 13

Army Sgt. Nathaniel Hart Jr., 29, Valdosta, Ga., July 28

Army Spc. Christopher J. Holland, 26, Brunswick, Ga., Dec. 17

Army Spc. Nathaniel H. Johnson, 22, Augusta, Ga., Jan. 8

Army Spc. John K. Klinesmith Jr., 25, Stockbridge, Ga., June 12

Army Capt. Edward J. Korn, 31, Savannah, Ga., April 3

Army Spc. David T. Nutt, 32, Blackshear, Ga., May 14

Army Pfc. Diego Fernando Rincon, 19, Conyers, Ga., March 29

Army Command Sgt. Maj. Jerry L. Wilson, 45, Thomson, Ga., Nov. 23


Hawaii (1):

Army Staff Sgt. Cameron B. Sarno, 43, Waipahu, Hawaii, Sept. 1


Idaho (4):

Army Cpl. Richard P. Carl, 26, King Hill, Idaho, May 9

Army Pfc. Jerrick M. Petty, 25, Idaho Falls, Idaho, Dec. 10

Army Capt. James A. Shull, 32, Kamiah, Idaho, Nov. 17

Air Force Maj. Gregory Stone, 40, Boise, Idaho, March 25


Illinois (20):

Marines Capt. Ryan Anthony Beaupre, 30, St. Anne, Ill., March 20

Army Pvt. Matthew D. Bush, 20, East Alton, Ill., Aug. 8

Army Spc. Ryan G. Carlock, 25, Colchester, Ill., Sept. 9

Army Spc. William David Dusenbery, 30, Fairview Heights, Ill., Nov. 15

Marines Pvt. Jonathan L. Gifford, 30, Decatur, Ill., March 23

Army Staff Sgt. Lincoln D. Hollinsaid, 27, Malden, Ill., April 7

Army Spc. Corey A. Hubbell, 20, Urbana, Ill., June 26

Marines Cpl. Evan T. James, 20, La Harpe, Ill., March 24

Marines Lance Cpl. Nicholas Brian Kleiboeker, 19, Irvington, Ill., May 13

Marines Lance Cpl. Jakub Henryk Kowalik, 21, Schaumburg, Ill., May 12

Army Staff Sgt. Andrew R. Pokorny, 30, Naperville, Ill., June 13

Army Pfc. Brandon Ramsey, 21, Calumet City, Ill., Aug. 8

Army Spc. Brandon J. Rowe, 20, Roscoe, Ill., March 31

Marines 1st lt. Timothy Louis Ryan, 30, Aurora, Ill., May 19

Army Spc. Uday Singh, 21, Lake Forest, Ill., Dec. 1

Army Pfc. Christopher A. Sisson, 20, Oak Park, Ill., Sept. 2

Army 1st Lt. Brian D. Slavenas, 30, Genoa, Ill., Nov. 2

Army Spc. John R. Sullivan, 26, Countryside, Ill., Nov. 15

Army Staff Sgt. Michael J. Sutter, 28, Tinley Park, Ill., Dec. 26

Army Pvt. Scott M. Tyrrell, 21, Sterling, Ill., Nov. 20


Indiana (16):

Army Spc. Ronald D. Allen Jr., 22, Mitchell, Ind., Aug. 25

Army Sgt. Jarrod W. Black, 26, Peru, Ind., Dec. 12

Army Sgt. 1st Class Craig A. Boling, 38, Elkhart, Ind., July 8

Army Spc. Roy Russell Buckley, 24, Portage, Ind., April 22

Army Spc. Luke Frist, 20, Brookston, Ind., Jan. 5

Army Pvt. Jesse M. Halling, 19, Indianapolis, Ind., June 7

Army Spc. William A. Jeffries, 39, Evansville, Ind., March 31

Army Spc. Chad L. Keith, 21, Batesville, Ind., July 7

Army Pvt. Robert L. McKinley, 23, Peru, Ind., July 8

Army Staff Sgt. Frederick L. Miller Jr., 27, Hagerstown, Ind., Sept. 20

Army Pvt. Shawn D. Pahnke, 25, Shelbyville, Ind., June 16

Army Spc. Brian H. Penisten, 28, Fort Wayne, Ind., Nov. 2

Marines Sgt. Duane R. Rios, 25, Griffith, Ind., April 4

Army Spc. Gregory P. Sanders, 19, Hobart, Ind., March 24

Army Cpl. Darrell Smith, 28, Otwell, Ind., Nov. 23

Marines Lance Cpl. Matthew R. Smith, 20, Anderson, Ind., May 10


Iowa (9):

Marines Gunnery Sgt. Jeffrey E. Bohr Jr., 39, Ossian, Iowa, April 10

Army Pvt. Michael J. Deutsch, 21, Dubuque, Iowa, July 31

Army Sgt. Paul F. Fisher, 39, Marion, Iowa, Nov. 6

Army Pvt. Kurt R. Frosheiser, 22, Des Moines, Iowa, Nov. 8

Army Pfc. David Kirchhoff, 31, Anamosa, Iowa, Aug. 14

Marines Sgt. Bradley S. Korthaus, 28, Davenport, Iowa, March 24

Army Pvt. Kenneth A. Nalley, 19, Hamburg, Iowa, May 26

Army Spc. Aaron J. Sissel, 22, Tipton, Iowa, Nov. 29

Army CWO Bruce A. Smith, 41, West Liberty, Iowa, Nov. 2


Kansas (5):

Army Sgt. Jacob L. Butler, 24, Wellsville, Kan., April 1

Marines Pfc. Ryan R. Cox, 19, Derby, Kan., June 15

Army Spc. Josph L. Lister, 22, Pleasanton, Kan., Nov. 20

Army Spc. Dustin K. McGaugh, 20, Derby, Kan., Sept. 30

Army Spc. Kyle G. Thomas, 23, Topeka, Kan., Sept. 25


Kentucky (4):

Army Sgt. Michael D. Acklin II, 25, Louisville, Ky., Nov. 15

Army Cpl. Gary B. Coleman, 24, Pikeville, Ky., Nov. 21

Army Sgt. Darrin K. Potter, 24, Louisville, Ky., Sept. 29

Army Spc. James Powell, 26, Radcliff, Ky., Oct. 12


Louisiana (5):

Army Pfc. Wilfred D. Bellard, 20, Lake Charles, La., April 4

Army Staff Sgt. Craig Davis, 37, Opelousas, La., Jan. 8

Army Spc. Levi B. Kinchen, 21, Tickfaw, La., Aug. 9

Army Sgt. Floyd G. Knighten Jr., 55, Olla, La., Aug. 9

Army Sgt. Taft V. Williams, 29, New Orleans, La., Aug. 12


Maine (2):

Marines Maj. Jay Thomas Aubin, 36, Waterville, Maine, March 20

Army Spc. Daniel Francis J. Cunningham, 33, Lewiston, Maine, April 4


Massachusetts (9):

Army Sgt. Glenn R. Allison, 24, Pittsfield, Mass., Dec. 18

Army Staff Sgt. Joseph P. Bellavia, 28, Wakefield, Mass., Oct. 16

Army Spc. Mathew G. Boule, 22, Dracut, Mass., April 2

Army Staff Sgt. Joseph Camara, 40, New Bedford, Mass., Sept. 1

Army Sgt. Justin W. Garvey, 23, Townsend, Mass., July 20

Army Pfc. John D. Hart, 20, Bedford, Mass., Oct. 18

Army CWO3 Kyran E. Kennedy, 43, Boston, Nov. 7

Marines 1st Lt. Brian M. McPhillips, 25, Pembroke, Mass., April 4

Marines Capt. Benjamin W. Sammis, 29, Rehoboth, Mass., April 4


Maryland (5):

Thomas Doerflinger Spring, Md (thank you Jeffrey J Nugent)

Navy Lt. Kylan A. Jones-Huffman, 31, College Park, Md., Aug. 21

Marines Cpl. Jason David Mileo, 20, Centreville, Md., April 14

Army Spc. George A. Mitchell, 35, Rawlings, Md., April 7

Army Sgt. Jeffrey C. Walker, 33, Havre de Grace, Md., Jan. 8

Marines Staff Sgt. Kendall Damon Waters-Bey, 29, Baltimore, Md., March 20


Michigan (20):

Army Sgt. Trevor A. Blumberg, 22, Canton, Mich., Sept. 14

Army Spc. Artimus D. Brassfield, 22, Flint, Mich., Oct. 24

Army Pfc. Damian S. Bushart, 22, Waterford, Mich., Nov. 22

Army Capt. Paul J. Cassidy, 36, Laingsburg, Mich., July 13

Army Staff Sgt. Thomas W. Christensen, 42, Atlantic Mine, Mich., Dec. 25

Marines Pfc. Juan Guadelupe Garza Jr., 20, Temperance, Mich., April 8

Army Spc. Richard A. Goward, 32, Midland, Mich., April 14

Army Staff Sgt. Stephen C. Hattamer, 43, Gwinn, Mich., Dec. 25

Army Staff Sgt. Paul J. Johnson, 29, Calumet, Mich., Oct. 20

Army Pfc. Jason M. Meyer, 23, Howell, Mich., April 8

Marines Maj. Kevin G. Nave, 36, White Lake Township, Mich., March 26

Army Master Sgt. William L. Payne, 46, Otsego, Mich., May 16

Army Sgt. Michael F. Pedersen, 26, Flint, Mich., April 2

Army Staff Sgt. Brett J. Petriken, 30, Flint, Mich., May 26

Army Sgt. Sean C. Reynolds, 25, East Lansing, Mich., May 3

Army Sgt. Todd J. Robbins, 33, Hart, Mich., April 3

Air Force Staff Sgt. Scott D. Sather, 29, Clio, Mich., April 8

Army Staff Sgt. Mark D. Vasquez, 35, Port Huron, Mich., Nov. 8

Army Spc. Donald L. Wheeler, 22, Concord, Mich., Oct. 13

Army Pfc. Jason G. Wright, 19, Luzerne, Mich., Dec. 8


Minnesota (3):

Army Sgt. Brian R. Hellermann, 35, Freeport, Minn., Aug. 6

Army Pfc. Edward J. Herrgott, 20, Shakopee, Minn., July 3

Army Staff Sgt. Dale A. Panchot, 26, Northome, Minn., Nov. 17


Mississippi (10):

Army Staff Sgt. Kenneth R. Bradley, 39, Utica, Miss., May 28

Army Spc. Larry K. Brown, 22, Jackson, Miss., April 5

Army Cpl. Henry L. Brown, 22, Natchez, Miss., April 8

Army Spc. James A. Chance III, 25, Kokomo, Miss., Nov. 6

Marines 2nd Lt. Therrel S. Childers, 30, Harrison County, Miss., March 21

Army Spc. Raphael S. Davis, 24, Tutwiler, Miss., Dec. 2

Army Spc. Jeremy DiGiovanni, 21, Pricedale, Miss., Nov. 15

Army Pfc. Damian L. Heidelberg, 21, Shubuta, Miss., Nov. 15

Marines Sgt. Jonathan W. Lambert, 28, New Site, Miss., June 1

Army Staff Sgt. Joe N. Wilson, 30, Crystal Springs, Miss., Nov. 2


Missouri (10):

Army Spc. Jonathan P. Barnes, 21, Anderson, Mo., July 26

Army Spc. Joel L. Bertoldie, 20, Independence, Mo., July 18

Army Sgt. Travis Lee Burkhardt, 26, Edina, Mo., June 6

Army Pfc. Jesse A. Givens, 34, Springfield, Mo., May 1

Marines Sgt. Nicolas M. Hodson, 22, Smithville, Mo., March 22

Army Staff Sgt. Jamie L. Huggins, 26, Hume, Mo., Oct. 26

Army Spc. Joshua M. Neusche, 20, Montreal, Mo., July 12

Army Capt. Benedict J. Smith, 29, Monroe City, Mo., Nov. 7

Army Pfc. Jeremiah D. Smith, 25, Odessa, Mo., May 26

Army Sgt. Donald R. Walters, 33, Kansas City, Mo., March 23


Montana (1):

Army 1st Lt. Edward M. Saltz, 27, Bigfork, Mont., Dec. 22


North Carolina (13):

Marines Lance Cpl. Brian E. Anderson, 26, Durham, N.C., April 2

Army Cpl. Mark A. Bibby, 25, Watha, N.C., July 21

Army Lunsford Brown II, 27, Creedmoor, N.C., Sept. 20

Army Lt. Col. Charles H. Buehring, 40, Fayetteville, N.C., Oct. 26

Army Pvt. Joseph R. Guerrera, 20, Dunn, N.C., Oct. 26

Marines Lance Cpl. Alan Dinh Lam, 19, Snow Camp, N.C., April 22

Army Spc. James I. Lambert II, 22, Raleigh, N.C., July 31

Army Sgt. David B. Parson, 30, Kannapolis, N.C., July 6

Army Sgt. Scott C. Rose, 30, Fayetteville, N.C., Nov. 7

Army Sgt. Leonard D. Simmons, 33, New Bern, N.C., Aug. 6

Army Sgt. Roderic A. Solomon, 32, Fayetteville, N.C., March 28

Army Sgt. Michael L. Tosto, 24, Apex, N.C., June 17

Army Pfc. Joey D. Whitener, 19, Nebo, N.C., Nov. 15


North Dakota (3):

Army Spc. Jon P. Fettig, 30, Dickinson, N.D., July 22

Army Pfc. Sheldon R. Hawk Eagle, 21, Grand Forks, N.D., Nov. 15

Army Sgt. Thomas J. Sweet II, 23, Bismarck, N.D., Nov. 27


New Hampshire (1):

Army Sgt. 1st Class Robert E. Rooney, 43, Nashua, N.H., Sept. 25


New Jersey (10):

Army Spc. Ryan Travis Baker, 24, Browns Mills, N.J., Nov. 15

Army Spc. Michael Edward Curtin, 23, Howell, N.J., March 29

Army Spc. Kyle A. Griffin, 20, Emerson, N.J., May 30

Army Staff Sgt. Terry W. Hemingway, 39, Willingboro, N.J., April 10

Army Spc. Simeon Hunte, 23, EsSalman Khan, N.J., Oct. 1

Army Spc. Marlon P. Jackson, 25, Jersey City, N.J., Nov. 11

Army Spc. Gil Mercado, 25, Paterson, N.J., April 13

Army Sgt. 1st Class Gladimir Philippe, 37, Roselle, N.J., June 25

Army Spc. Marc S. Seiden, 26, Brigantine, N.J., Jan. 2

Army Spc. Narson B. Sullivan, 21, North Brunswick, N.J., April 25


New Mexico (1):

Army Spc. James H. Pirtle, 27, La Mesa, N.M., Oct. 4


New York (21):

Marines Pfc. Tamario D. Burkett, 21, Buffalo, N.Y., March 23

Army Pfc. Charles E. Bush Jr., 43, Buffalo, N.Y., Dec. 19

Army Pvt. David Evans Jr., 18, Buffalo, N.Y., May 25

Army Pfc. Jacob S. Fletcher, 28, Bay Shore, N.Y., Nov. 13

Army Sgt. David Travis Friedrich Sgt., 26, Hammond, N.Y., Sept. 20

Marines Cpl. Bernard G. Gooden, 22, Mount Vernon, N.Y., April 4

Army Pfc. Raheen Tyson Heighter, 22, Bay Shore, N.Y., July 24

Army Pfc. Gregory P. Huxley Jr., 19, Forestport, N.Y., April 6

Army Pfc. Rayshawn Johnson, 20, Brooklyn, N.Y., Nov. 3

Army Staff Sgt. Kevin C. Kimmerly, 31, North Creek, N.Y., Sept. 15

Army Sgt. Heath A. McMillin, 29, Canandaigua, N.Y., July 27

Army Spc. Irving Medina, 22, Middletown, N.Y., Nov. 14

Marines Lance Cpl. Eric J. Orlowski, 26, Buffalo, N.Y., March 22

Army Staff Sgt. Joseph E. Robsky Jr., 31, Elizaville, N.Y., Sept. 10

Marines Cpl. Robert M. Rodriguez, 21, New York, N.Y., March 23

Army Spc. Rasheed Sahib, 22, New York, N.Y., May 18

Marines Staff Sgt. Riayan A. Tejeda, 26, New York, N.Y., April 11

Marines Lance Cpl. William W. White, 24, New York, N.Y., March 29

Army Sgt. Eugene Williams, 24, Highland, N.Y., March 29

Army Spc. Michael L. Williams, 46, Buffalo, N.Y., Oct. 17

Army Capt. George A. Wood, 33, Marcy, N.Y., Nov. 20


Nebraska (6):

Army Spc. Nathaniel A. Caldwell, 27, Omaha, Neb., May 21

Army Sgt. Dennis A. Corral, 33, Kearney, Neb., Jan. 1

Marines Capt. Travis A. Ford, 30, Ogallala, Neb., April 4

Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class David J. Moreno, 26, Gering, Neb., July 17

Army Staff Sgt. Christopher W. Swisher, 26, Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 9

Army Spc. James R. Wolf, 21, Scottsbluff, Neb., Nov. 6


Nevada (3):

Army Capt. Joshua T. Byers, 29, Sparks, Nev., July 23

Marines Lance Cpl. Donald J. Cline Jr., 21, Sparks, Nev., March 23

Marines 2nd Lt. Frederick E. Pokorney Jr., 31, Tonopah, Nev., March 23


Ohio (15):

Army Lt. Col. Dominic R. Baragona, 42, Niles, Ohio, May 19

Army Spc. Todd M. Bates, 20, Bellaire, Ohio, Dec. 10

Army Spc. Brett T. Christian, 27, North Royalton, Ohio, July 23

Army Spc. Steven D. Conover, 21, Wilmington, Ohio, Nov. 2

Army 1st Sgt. Robert J. Dowdy, 38, Cleveland, Ohio, March 23

Marines Pfc. Christian D. Gurtner, 19, Ohio City, Ohio, April 2

Army Pfc. Gavin L. Neighbor, 20, Somerset, Ohio, June 10

Army Pfc. Branden F. Oberleitner, 20, Worthington, Ohio, June 5

Army Pfc. Kevin C. Ott, 27, Orient, Ohio, June 25

Army Staff Sgt. Aaron T. Reese, 31, Reynoldsburg, Ohio, Dec. 10

Army Pfc. Marlin T. Rockhold, 23, Hamilton, Ohio, May 8

Army Pvt. Brandon Sloan, 19, Bedford Heights, Ohio, March 23

Army Pfc. Kenneth C. Souslin, 21, Mansfield, Ohio, Dec. 15

Army Chief Warrant Officer Brian K. Van Dusen, 39, Columbus, Ohio, May 9

Army Spc. James C. Wright, 27, Delhi Township, Ohio, Sept. 18


Oklahoma (7):

Marines Lance Cpl. Thomas A. Blair, 24, Broken Arrow, Okla., March 24

Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Doyle W. Bollinger Jr., 21, Poteau, Okla., June 6

Army Sgt. Ross A. Pennanen, 36, Shawnee, Okla., Nov. 2

Army Spc. Stephen M. Scott, 21, Lawton, Okla., Aug. 23

Army Pvt. Jason M. Ward, 25, Tulsa, Okla., Oct. 22

Army Sgt. Steven W. White, 29, Lawton, Okla., Aug. 13

Marines Staff Sgt. Aaron Dean White, 27, Shawnee, Okla., May 19


Oregon (8):

Army Spc. Joseph M. Blickenstaff, 23, Corvallis, Ore., Dec. 8

Marines Cpl. Travis J. Bradach-Nall, 24, Portland, Ore., July 2

Marines Capt. Aaron J. Contreras, 31, Sherwood, Ore., March 30

Army CWO Erik C. Kesterson, 29, Independence, Ore., Nov. 15

Army Spc. Nathan W. Nakis, 19, Corvallis, Ore., Dec. 16

Army Staff Sgt. Robert A. Stever, 36, Pendleton, Ore., April 8

Army Spc. Brandon S. Tobler, 19, Portland, Ore., March 22

Army Spc. Christopher J. Rivera Wesley, 26, Portland, Ore., Dec. 8


Pennsylvania (28):

Army Capt. Tristan N. Aitken, 31, State College, Pa., April 4

Army Sgt. Andrew Joseph Baddick, 26, Jim Thorpe (news - web sites), Pa., Sept. 29

Army 1st Lt. David R. Bernstein, 24, Phoenixville, Pa., Oct. 18

Army Staff Sgt. Stevon A. Booker, 34, Apollo, Pa., April 5

Army Pfc. Timothy R. Brown Jr., 21, Conway, Pa., Aug. 12

Army Sgt. Ernest G. Bucklew, 33, Enon Valley, Pa., Nov. 2

Army 1st Sgt. Christopher D. Coffin, 51, Bethlehem, Pa., July 1

Army Staff Sgt. Christopher E. Cutchall, 30, McConnellsburg, Pa., Sept. 29

Army Capt. Brian Faunce, 28, Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 18

Army Spc. Michael T. Gleason, 25, Warren, Pa., May 30

Army Spc. Christopher A. Golby, 26, Johnstown, Pa., Jan. 8

Army Sgt. Timothy L. Hayslett, 26, Carlisle, Pa., Nov. 15

Army Sgt. Eric R. Hull, 23, Upper Middletown, Pa., Aug. 18

Army Spc. Craig S. Ivory, 26, Port Matilda, Pa., Aug. 17

Army Spc. Maurice J. Johnson, 21, Levittown, Pa., Nov. 1

Army Spc. Zachariah W. Long, 20, Milton, Pa., May 30

Marines Lance Cpl. Joseph B. Maglione, 22, Lansdale, Pa., April 1

Army Spc. William J. Maher III, 35, Yardley, Pa., July 28

Army Sgt. Joseph Minucci II, 23, Richeyville, Pa., Nov. 13

Army Spc. Rafael L. Navea, 34, Pittsburgh, Pa., Aug. 27

Army Spc. Donald S. Oaks Jr., 20, Harborcreek, Pa., April 3

Army Sgt. Jaror C. Puello-Coronado, 36, Pocono Summit, Pa., July 13

Army Capt. Christopher Scott Seifert, 27, Easton, Pa., March 22

Army Lt. Col. Anthony L. Sherman, 43, Pottstown, Pa., Aug. 27

Army Pfc. Corey L. Small, 20, East Berlin, Pa., July 3

Army Sgt. Nicholas A. Tomko, 24, Pittsburgh, Pa., Nov. 9

Army Staff Sgt. Kimberly A. Voelz, 27, Carlisle, Pa., Dec. 14

Army Spc. Douglas J. Weismantle, 28, Pittsburgh, Pa., Oct. 13


Rhode Island (3):

Army Spc. Michael Andrade, 28, Bristol, R.I., Sept. 24

Army Sgt. Gregory A. Belanger, 24, Narragansett, R.I., Aug. 27

Army Sgt. Charles T. Caldwell, 38, North Providence, R.I., Sept. 1


South Carolina (12):

Army Pfc. Michael S. Adams, 20, Spartanburg, S.C., Aug. 21

Army Pvt. Algernon Adams, 36, Aiken, S.C., Oct. 28

Army Sgt. George Edward Buggs, 31, Barnwell, S.C., March 23

Army Spc. Rian C. Ferguson, 22, Taylors, S.C., Dec. 14

Air Force Staff Sgt. Patrick Lee Griffin Jr., 31, Elgin, S.C., May 13

Army Capt. Kimberly N. Hampton, 27, Easley, S.C., Jan. 2

Marines Pvt. Nolen R. Hutchings, 19, Boiling Springs, S.C., March 23

Army Spc. Darius T. Jennings, 22, Cordova, S.C., Nov. 2

Army Pfc. Vorn J. Mack, 19, Orangeburg, S.C., Aug. 23

Army Staff Sgt. Paul M. Neff, 30, Fort Mill, S.C., Nov. 7

Army Spc. Orenthial J. Smith, 21, Allendale, S.C., June 22

Army Sgt. Anthony O. Thompson, 26, Orangeburg, S.C., Sept. 18


South Dakota (4):

Army Pfc. Michael R. Deuel, 21, Nemo, S.D., June 18

Army Chief Warrant Officer Hans N. Gukeisen, 31, Lead, S.D., May 9

Army CWO2 Scott A. Saboe, 33, Willow Lake, S.D., Nov. 15

Army Capt. Christopher F. Soelzer, 26, Sturgis, S.D., Dec. 24


Tennessee (12):

Army Staff Sgt. Nathan J. Bailey, 46, Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 12

Army Sgt. 1st Class William M. Bennett, 35, Seymour, Tenn., Sept. 12

Army Spc. Thomas A. Foley III, 23, Dresden, Tenn., April 14

Army Spc. Kenneth W. Harris Jr., 23, Charlotte, Tenn., Aug. 20

Army Sgt. 1st Class Gregory B. Hicks, 35, Duff, Tenn., Jan. 8

Army Staff Sgt. Morgan D. Kennon, 23, Memphis, Tenn., Nov. 7

Army Staff Sgt. David L. Loyd, 44, Johnson, Tenn., Aug. 5

Marines Cpl. Patrick R. Nixon, 21, Gallatin, Tenn., March 23

Army Lt. Col. Kim S. Orlando, 43, Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 16

Army Sgt. Roger D. Rowe, 54, Bon Aqua, Tenn., July 9

Army 2nd Lt. Richard Torres, 25, Clarksville, Tenn., Oct. 6

Army CWO Alexander S. Coulter, 35, Bristol, Tenn., Nov. 17


Texas (40):

Army Sgt. Edward J. Anguiano, 24, Brownsville, Texas, March 23

Marines Chief Warrant Officer Andrew Todd Arnold, 30, Spring, Texas, April 22

Army Spc. Richard Arriaga, 20, Ganado, Texas, Sept. 18

Marines Pfc. Chad E. Bales, 20, Coahoma, Texas, April 3

Army Sgt. Michael Paul Barrera, 26, Von Ormy, Texas, Oct. 28

Army Capt. Ernesto M. Blanco, 28, San Antonio, Texas, Dec. 28

Army CWO Clarence E. Boone, 50, Fort Worth, Texas, Dec. 2

Army Staff Sgt. Gary L. Collins, 32, Hardin, Texas, Nov. 8

Army Spc. Zeferino E. Colunga, 20, Bellville, Texas, Aug. 6

Army Pvt. Rey D. Cuervo, 24, Laguna Vista, Texas, Dec. 28

Air Force Capt. Eric B. Das, 30, Amarillo, Texas, April 7

Army Pfc. Analaura Esparza-Gutierrez, 21, Houston, Oct. 1

Army Pvt. Ruben Estrella-Soto, 18, El Paso, Texas, March 23

Army Master Sgt. George A. Fernandez, 36, El Paso, Texas, April 2

Army Pvt. Robert L. Frantz, 19, San Antonio, Texas, June 17

Army 1st Sgt. Joe J. Garza, 43, Robstown, Texas, April 28

Army Pfc. Ray J. Hutchinson, 20, League City, Texas, Dec. 7

Army Chief Warrant Officer Scott Jamar, 32, Granbury, Texas, April 2

Army Pfc. John P. Johnson, 24, Houston, Texas, Oct. 22

Marines Staff Sgt. Phillip A. Jordan, 42, Brazoria, Texas, March 23

Marines Cpl. Brian Matthew Kennedy, 25, Houston, Texas, March 20

Army Spc. James Kiehl, 22, Comfort, Texas, March 23

Army Chief Warrant Officer Johnny Villareal Mata, 35, El Paso, Texas, March 23

Marines Cpl. Jesus Martin Antonio Medellin, 21, Fort Worth, Texas, April 7

Army Sgt. Daniel K. Methvin, 22, Belton, Texas, July 26

Army Pfc. Anthony S. Miller, 19, San Antonio, Texas, April 7

Army Pfc. Stuart W. Moore, 21, Livingston, Texas, Dec. 22

Army Sgt. Keelan L. Moss, 23, Houston, Texas, Nov. 2

Army Spc. Joseph C. Norquist, 26, San Antonio, Texas, Oct. 9

Army Staff Sgt. Hector R. Perez, 40, Corpus Christi, Texas, July 24

Army Spc. Jose A. Perez III, 22, San Diego, Texas, May 28

Army Sgt. Ariel Rico, 25, El Paso, Texas, Nov. 28

Army 2nd Lt. Jonathan D. Rozier, 25, Katy, Texas, July 19

Army Sgt. John W. Russell, 26, Portland, Texas, Nov. 15

Army Spc. Christian C. Schulz, 20, Colleyville, Texas, July 11

Army Cpl. Tomas Sotelo Jr., 22, Houston, Texas, June 27

Army Spc. Joseph D. Suell, 24, Lufkin, Texas, June 16

Army Sgt. Melissa Valles, 26, Eagle Pass, Texas, July 9

Army Pfc. Stephen E. Wyatt, 19, Kilgore, Texas, Oct. 13

Army Sgt. Henry Ybarra III, 32, Austin, Texas, Sept. 11


Utah (4):

Marines Staff Sgt. James W. Cawley, 41, Roy, Utah, March 29

Army Capt. Nathan S. Dalley, 27, Kaysville, Utah, Nov. 17

Army Spc. David J. Goldberg, 20, Layton, Utah, Nov. 26

Army Staff Sgt. Nino D. Livaudais, 23, Ogden, Utah, April 3


Virginia (13):

Army Capt. James F. Adamouski, 29, Springfield, Va., April 2

Army Command Sgt. Maj. James D. Blankenbecler, 40, Alexandria, Va., Oct. 1

Army Pvt. Jason L. Deibler, 20, Coeburn, Va., May 4

Army Sgt. Michael E. Dooley, 23, Pulaski, Va., June 8

Army Command Sgt. Maj. Cornell W. Gilmore I, 45, Stafford, Va., Nov. 7

Army 1st Lt. Joshua C. Hurley, 24, Clifton Forge, Va., Nov. 1

Army 2nd Lt. Jeffrey J. Kaylor, 24, Clifton, Va., April 7

Marines Sgt. Michael V. Lalush, 23, Troutville, Va., March 30

Marines Staff Sgt. Donald C. May Jr., 31, Richmond, Va., March 25

Marines Lance Cpl. David Edward Owens Jr., 20, Winchester, Va., April 12

Army CWO5 Sharon T. Swartworth, 43, Virginia, Nov. 7

Army Capt. John R. Teal, 31, Mechanicsville, Va., Oct. 23

Air Force Maj. William R. Watkins III, 37, Danville, Va., April 7


Vermont (5):

Army Spc. Solomon C. Bangayan, 24, Jay, Vt., Jan. 2

Marines Cpl. Mark A. Evnin, 21, Burlington, Vt., April 3

Army Pvt. Kyle C. Gilbert, 20, Brattleboro, Vt., Aug. 6

Army Chief Warrant Officer Erik A. Halvorsen, 40, Bennington, Vt., April 2

Army Capt. Pierre Piche, 29, Starksboro, Vt., Nov. 15


West Virginia (1):

Army Pfc. Richard W. Hafer, 21, Nitro, W.Va., Nov. 15


Washington (7):

Army Spc. Robert T. Benson, 20, Spokane, Wash., Nov. 4,

Marines Lance Cpl. Cedric E. Bruns, 22, Vancouver, Wash., May 9

Army 2nd Lt. Benjamin J. Colgan, 30, Kent, Wash., Nov. 1

Army Spc. Justin W. Hebert, 20, Arlington, Wash., Aug. 1

Army Sgt. Curt E. Jordan Jr., 25, Greenacres, Wash., Dec. 28

Army Spc. Duane E. Longstreth, 19, Tacoma, Wash., Aug. 7

Army Pfc. Kerry D. Scott, 21, Mount Vernon, Wash., Oct. 6


Wisconsin (9):

Army Pfc. Rachel Bosveld, 19, Waupin, Wis., Oct. 26

Army Sgt. 1st Class Dan H. Gabrielson, 39, Frederic, Wis., July 9

Army Sgt. Warren S. Hansen, 36, Clintonville, Wis., Nov. 15

Army Maj. Mathew E. Schram, 36, Brookfield, Wis., May 26

Army Maj. Christopher J. Splinter, 43, Platteville, Wis., Dec. 24

Marines Sgt. Kirk Allen Straseskie, 23, Beaver Dam, Wis., May 19

Army Spc. Paul J. Sturino, 21, Rice Lake, Wis., Sept. 22

Army Spc. Eugene A. Uhl III, 21, Amherst, Wis., Nov. 15

Army 2nd Lt. Jeremy L. Wolfe, 27, Menomenie, Wis., Nov. 15


Wyoming (4):

Army Capt. Robert L. Lucero, 34, Casper, Wyo., Sept. 25

Army Pfc. Joseph P. Mayek, 20, Rock Springs, Wyo., April 14

Army 1st Lt. Leif E. Nott, 24, Cheyenne, Wyo., July 30

Marines Sgt. Brendon Reiss, 23, Hanna, Wyo., March 23


Amerian Samoa (2):

Army Pvt. Jonathan I. Falaniko, 20, Pago Pago, American Samoa, Oct. 27

Army Spc. Farao K. Letufuga, 20, Pago Pago, American Samoa, Aug. 5


Puerto Rico (7):

Army Sgt. Francisco Martinez, 28, Humacao, Puerto Rico, Nov. 4

Army Spc. Richard P. Orengo, 32, Toa Alta, Puerto Rico, June 26

Army Sgt. Joel Perez, 25, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, Nov. 2

Army Spc. Ramon Reyes Torres, 29, Caguas, Puerto Rico, July 16

Army Sgt. 1st Class Jose A. Rivera, 34, Bayamon, Puerto Rico, Nov. 5

Army Sgt. Juan M. Serrano, 31, Manati, Puerto Rico, July 24

Army Spc. Frances M. Vega, 20, Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico, Nov. 2

Justice for Benghazi:






ABC NEWS 212-456-7777
CBS NEWS 212-975-4321
CBS EVENING NEWS 212-975-3691
NBC NEWS 212-664-4444
NBC NIGHTLY NEWS 212-664-4971
NBC NEWS TODAY 212-664-4602




Les otages français enlevés dans le nord du Niger sont vivants
PARIS - Le président nigérien Mahamadou Issoufou a affirmé que les otages français enlevés en 2010 sur un site du groupe Areva dans le nord du Niger étaient toujours vivants, tout en reconnaissant ignorer le lieu de leur détention, dans un entretien à France 24 diffusé samedi.

Jusqu'ici les informations que nous avons permettent de dire qu'ils sont en vie, a déclaré M. Issoufou, qui a rencontré vendredi à Paris le président français François Hollande.

Mais où sont-ils ? Il est extrêmement difficile de le dire. Ils peuvent être au Mali, dans l'extrême nord, près de la frontière avec la Mauritanie. Ils peuvent être en Libye ou ailleurs mais on n'a pas d'informations précises sur le lieu où ils sont détenus, a-t-il ajouté.

On n'a pas eu d'information contraire au fait qu'ils seraient vivants. Ils sont vivants, a-t-il insisté.

Daniel Larribe, Thierry Dole, Marc Féret et Pierre Legrand, quatre Français enlevés le 16 septembre 2010 sur le site du groupe nucléaire français Areva à Arlit (nord du Niger) par Al-Quaïda au Maghreb islamique (Aqmi) restent aux mains de leurs ravisseurs.

François Hollande a laissé entendre le 19 avril que la France n'avait pas de contacts avec leurs ravisseurs, pas plus qu'avec ceux de quatre autres otages français enlevés au Mali et au Nigeria et détenus au Sahel.

Nous cherchons (des contacts) depuis des semaines, que dis-je, des mois, a-t-il déclaré, alors que la France est engagée militairement au Mali contre les groupes islamistes armés.

Les familles des quatre otages ont demandé que les recherches entreprises dans le nord du Mali par les troupes françaises cessent car elles représentent un risque terrible pour les otages, dans un communiqué publié le 1er mai.

Nous attendons que l'État fasse preuve d'efficacité pour renouer les contacts et négocier avant qu'il ne soit trop tard, soulignaient les familles dans leur communiqué.

(©AFP / 11 mai 2013 17h50)

Bangladesh building collapse death toll surpasses 900
(CNN) -- More than two weeks after a factory collapsed in Bangladesh, trapping workers in a mangled concrete heap, the death toll has surpassed 900.

Authorities pulled more bodies from the rubble, bringing the number of people killed to 931, Bangladesh's national news agency BSS reported Thursday. The April 24 collapse occurred in Savar, a suburb of the capital, Dhaka.

Rescue workers saved more than 2,400 people in the aftermath of the collapse, but have focused on using heavy machinery to uncover bodies buried beneath the ruins.

I am a 24 years old girl. I fell in love, no dates, no meetings involved, pure love to a pure religious person. He promised to marry me and asked me to wait for him as his circumstances are difficult. I do not remember that he called me more than once. I asked him not to call me; because I feel this is wrong, although I love him. I felt that our love started going in the direction, he agreed to this feeling, and respected my opinion. He just sends me E-mails every so often via internet, so that I know his news. We have been in this love relationship for one year. I know this person and his family, and they know us well as well. I love him for Allah’s sake and sure he loves me as well. The problem is that I started receiving proposals, about 8 so far. Every time I refuse because I promised to wait for him. Now I am confused, is what I am doing halal or haram? I pray, Alhamdulillah, all obligatory and optional prayers, and pray qiyaam in the night as well; I fear I lose my good deeds because of what I am doing. Is a pure chaste love haram? Is my love to him halal or haram?.

Praise be to Allaah.
First of all I ask Allaah to guide you and grant you happiness, and I ask Him to increase the numbers of girls like you who are keen to maintain chastity and purity and adhere to the sacred limits of Allaah in their affairs, among the most important of which are emotional relationships that many people take lightly, so they overstep the mark and transgress the sacred limits of Allaah, and Allaah tests them with problems that we read about and hear of, in which there is a lesson for every Muslim and for every wise person.

You should note that correspondence and contact between the Salman Khanes is one of the doors that lead to fitnah (temptation). Sharee’ah is filled with evidence which indicates that it is essential to beware of falling into the traps of the shaytaan in this matter. When the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) saw a young man merely looking at a young woman, he turned his head so as to make him look away, then he said: “I saw a young man and a young woman, and I did not trust the shaytaan not to tempt them.” Narrated by al-Tirmidhi (885) and classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Tirmidhi.

Hence you did well to cut off contact with this young man, and we hope that you will stop corresponding too, because correspondence is one of the greatest doors to corruption that have been opened for people nowadays. This has been discussed in a number of questions. See the answers to questions no. 34841 and 45668.

This does not mean that it is haraam for a man or woman to like a specific person whom he or she chooses to be a spouse, and feel love for that person and want to marry them if possible. Love has to do with the heart, and it may appear in a person’s heart for reasons known or unknown. But if it is because of mixing or looking or haraam conversations, then it is also haraam. If it is because of previous acquaintance, being related or because of hearing about that person, and one cannot ward it off, then there is nothing wrong with that love, so long as one adheres to the sacred limits set by Allaah.

Ibn al-Qayyim (may Allaah have mercy on him) said:

If love develops for a reason that is not haraam, a person cannot be blamed for that, such as one who loves his wife or his slave woman, then he leaves her but that love remains and does not leave him. He is not to be blamed for that. The same applies if he glances accidentally then looks away, but love may settle in his heart without him wanting it to. But he has to ward it off and look away. End quote.

Rawdat al-Muhibbeen (p. 147).

Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allaah have mercy on him) said:

A person may hear that a woman is of good character and virtuous and knowledgeable, so he may want to marry her. Or a woman may hear that a man is of good character and virtuous and knowledgeable and religiously committed, so she may want to marry him. But contact between the two who admire one another in ways that are not Islamically acceptable is the problem, which leads to disastrous consequences. In this case it is not permissible for the man to get in touch with the woman or for the woman to get in touch with the man, and say that he wants to marry her. Rather he should tell her wali (guardian) that he wants to marry her, or she should tell her wali that she wants to marry him, as ‘Umar (may Allaah be pleased with him) did when he offered his daughter Hafsah in marriage to Abu Bakr and ‘Uthmaan (may Allaah be pleased with them both). But if the woman contacts the man directly, this is what leads to fitnah (temptation). End quote.

Liqaa’aat al-Baab il-Maftooh (26/question no. 13)

Our advice to you is that it is essential to stop corresponding with this young man, and tell him that he has to propose to you through your wali, if he really does want to get married. He should not regard his material circumstances or anything else as a barrier. The matter is simple, in sha Allaah, and if a person is content with little, Allaah will make him independent of means by His grace and bounty. He should at least contact your wali and do the shar’i marriage contract, and if the consummation is delayed there is nothing wrong with that. But if it remains as a promise to get married, ande correspondence continues between you on that basis, this – according to the rulings of sharee’ah and the experience of real life – is a wrong path that opens the door to sin and corruption. You can be certain that you will never find happiness except by obeying Allaah and adhering to the limits set by his sharee’ah. The permissible ways are sufficient and there is no need for haraam means, but we make it hard for ourselves and the shaytaan takes advantage of that.

Your delay in getting married is very harmful for you. You are getting older and this young man’s circumstances are not improving; you are not marrying him and you are not marrying anyone else. Beware of delaying, for that will only cause harm. You should realize that one of these men who have proposed marriage may be more religiously committed and righteous than that young man, and there may be far greater love with him than there is between you and that young man.

And Allaah knows best

I Love Hijaab

Nadia Muslimaah Amatullah


A striscia la notizia sono state assunte nuove veline. l


The potential Jack Bauer Power Hour news had me so excited that I've started rewatching 24.

Latest rumors are for a half/mini season order. 12 hours.

Le Concert des Teen Top, Que de News, Entre Les solo des membres, Le fameux kiss de ChunJoe que j'attend avec impatience, Les abs de Changjo, Haa Que de News <3 Merci Aux Fanbase des Teen Top ChunJu~

We're looking into issues into in-game issues right now! Hang tight. We'll get you in game soon.

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World War III Qualitative Workflow Rapid Systems Politics-Oil-Iraq-Afghanistan (World Trade Center, New York City 2001) War Expanded to a World War (Nuclear Warfare) 2013. VKON™

Iran urges regional talks on crises

Premier League News wrote:


Only 4 of the last 24 teams to make their FA Cup final debuts have won it that year: (Wimbledon, Coventry, Ipswich aaaaaaand WIGAN!!)

Congratz to all Wigan Fans (Wigan real fans and Glory Hunter one :p )


'Proverbs 17:17
King James Version (KJV)
17 'A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity'!!!!!!!

New covers and originals will be played with my wonderful jimbe player, Chris Reid. Upcoming shows! 5/15: Hoolios (West Point), 5/17: Jewish Mother (Hampton), 5/24: Green Leafe (Williamsburg), 5/25: Jewish Mother (Hampton), 5/31: Buddas (Newport News). Hope to see you guys!

HI All- Daily News again today..In Sports the prank played on Mariano In KC-on page 44 he ignores the prank while on page59 he hams it up and smiles at the prank.Which is it ?? Page 24 pellet gun story "allowed his daughter aim " should have "to aim". Everyone should join me in finding their goofs !!

May 12
Agony of the Prophet’s Heart
In Micah 1:1-9 , the prophet invites the whole earth to witness God’s judgment against sinful people. The capital cities of Samaria and Jerusalem are singled out because their leaders failed to be role models of what it means to follow God with undivided hearts. These two cities would be the first to suffer destruction.
The thought of destructive judgment produced a real tension in Micah’s life. Because his prophetic callunited him with God’s purpose, he had no choice but to announce what was coming in the near future. But the prophet also loved the people to whom he belonged, and the idea of their captivity drove him to personal lament. Oftentimes bad news had the most devastating effect on the mind and the body of the prophet.
What do the follow texts teach about the hard lot of the prophets? Num. 11:10-15 , 1 Kings 19:14 , Jer. 8:21-9:2 , Ezek. 24:15-18 , 2 Cor. 11:23-27 .
God’s prophets were involved very much in the messages that they proclaimed. They did not enjoy speaking about the terrible things that would happen. They often used laments to express their reactions to the coming disasters. Their pain was real. To their listeners, the message was contained both in the prophetic words and also in the external signs, which often betrayed a deep pain stemming from within. Micah’s reaction to divine judgment reminds one of Isaiah, who for three years walked half-naked and barefoot as a visible sign of the shame that captivity would bring. For those who have the resources, you can read about the great suffering that Ellen G. White endured in her ministry as well; this will help us to better understand what these servants of God had to go through.
Read 1 Peter 4:14-16 and then look at yourself and whatever trials you are going through. How much suffering has come to you because of your faithfulness to God? How much due to your unfaithfulness?

Well folks its taken Me ten months of throwin out at least 75 apps to all kinds of companies and to the state ,county and municipal guments and finally the great state of florida for the county of Volusia has decided to give me a shot at cleanin the dept of health building on holsonbak ave in daytona...Its part-time to start ,dont pay worth a crap but has great benefits ...the job is second shift four hours a night starting May 24...and I ll still be able to go to the beach w Joyce cuz her hours are about the same...Plenty of chances for advancement too ,So as they say " Ive got my foot in the door"...Thanks for all your support...

So proud of my son who played Tonight in Gladstone against Northern pride n had a win 24/22 could not be there to watch the game but heard it was a blinder excellent news so so happy for the boys.

Congratulations to Wigan Athletic on a nearly perfect 90 minutes, a first FA Cup trophy and on beating a team that had individuals who cost more than all of their starting XI. Roberto Martinez pulling off yet another masterstroke. These are the moments that make football special.

In other news, can we take a minute to laugh at Manchester City on a trophyless season, and on losing a cup final to Wigan 24 hours before United lift the trophy at Old Trafford tomorrow. Oh, the irony. What a difference one year can make.

Can some one tell me who is winning football! My Facebook has jammed and all I can see is city are shit!

Daily Bible Reading from the American Bible Society: May 11, 2013
Psalm 50 (Good News Translation) God’s Word: Source of Spiritual Renewal


Psalm 50: Today’s reading is a psalm that provides instructions on the kind of worship and sacrifice that is pleasing to God.


Today’s Scripture: Psalm 50:14

Let the giving of thanks be your sacrifice to God, and give the Almighty all that you promised.


Today’s Reading

1 The Almighty God, the LORD, speaks; he calls to the whole earth from east to west. 2 God shines from Zion, the city perfect in its beauty. 3 Our God is coming, but not in silence; a raging fire is in front of him,a furious storm around him. 4 He calls heaven and earth as witnesses to see him judge his people. 5 He says, “Gather my faithful people to me, those who made a covenant with me by offering a sacrifice.” 6 The heavens proclaim that God is righteous, that he himself is judge. 7 “Listen, my people, and I will speak; I will testify against you, Israel.I am God, your God. 8 I do not reprimand you because of your sacrifices and the burnt offerings you always bring me. 9 And yet I do not need bulls from your farms or goats from your flocks; 10 all the animals in the forest are mine and the cattle on thousands of hills. 11 All the wild birds are mine and all living things in the fields. 12 If I were hungry, I would not ask you for food, for the world and everything in it is mine. 13 Do I eat the flesh of bulls or drink the blood of goats? 14 Let the giving of thanks be your sacrifice to God, and give the Almighty all that you promised. 15 Call to me when trouble comes; I will save you,and you will praise me.” 16 But God says to the wicked, “Why should you recite my commandments? Why should you talk about my covenant? 17 You refuse to let me correct you; you reject my commands. 18 You become the friend of every thief you see, and you associate with adulterers. 19 You are always ready to speak evil; you never hesitate to tell lies. 20 You are ready to accuse your own relatives and to find fault with them. 21 You have done all this, and I have said nothing, so you thought that I am like you.But now I reprimand youand make the matter plain to you. 22 Listen to this, you that ignore me, or I will destroy you,and there will be no one to save you. 23 Giving thanks is the sacrifice that honors me, and I will surely save all who obey me.”



As ruler of the world, God is concerned with justice. When people do not do God’s will, they are called to account. What verses suggest that the psalm is framed within the context of a covenant lawsuit? What does God say to the people regarding sacrifices? What does God say to the wicked? How will you honor God today?



Almighty God, you are righteous. May my sacrifice to you today be one of thanks and praise, and may all I do and say bring honor to you. Amen.


Prayer Concern

Worship leaders


Tomorrow's Reading

Galatians 1:1-24: The apostle Paul defends his apostleship and his message.

Mike Huckabee:

We all know we need more gun control, because gun crimes are skyrocketing, right? But is any part of that sentence true?...We hear every day that Washington must act against guns because people are getting shot in record numbers. So it’s no wonder a new Pew Research poll found that over 80 percent of Americans believe there are more gun-related murders now than in 1993. But in fact, they’ve fallen by 49 percent. In 1993, there were 7 gun-related deaths per 100,000 people. By 2010, it was down to 3.6 deaths. We forget that thanks to 24-hour news channels, any killing anywhere in the US is reported around the clock, giving a false impression that murder is rampant. That falsehood is amplified by politicians who use it to promote their agendas. But in fact, as more guns than ever have been sold over the past 20 years, gun-related deaths have dropped by half. It seems the only gun-related crime that’s really skyrocketed is politicians shooting their mouths off without engaging their brains first.

The Greatest News Anyone Could Ever Hear

God's Perfection - HE IS HOLY

God is majestic in holiness (Exodus 15:11). Righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne (Psalm 97:2). God is a righteous judge (Psalm 7:11). He cannot tolerate wickedness (Habakkuk 1:13). Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give an account (Hebrews 4:13). Those who worship God must worship in spirit and truth (John 4:24).

Man's Problem - ALL HAVE SINNED

All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). Your iniquities have separated you from your God; and your sins have hidden His face from you (Isaiah 59:2). There is no one righteous, not even one (Romans 3:10). We are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6). The soul who sins shall die (Ezekiel 18:4). It is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment (Hebrews 9:27). The lake of fire is the second death (Revelation 20:14).

Unless a man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God (John 3:3). Without holiness no one will see the Lord (Hebrews 12:14).

God's Provision - A SAVIOR

Jesus Christ is the blessed hope...our great God and Savior (Titus 2:13). He is the image of the invisible Him all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form (Colossians. 1:15; 2:9). For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life (John 3:16). God made Him (Jesus) who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him (2 Corinthians 5:21).

Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many people (Hebrews 9:28). Christ suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God (1 Peter 3:18). He (Jesus) is able to save completely those who come to God through Him (Hebrews 7:25). There is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12).


"What must I do to be saved?" (Acts 16:30). Repent and Believe the Gospel (Mark 1:15). By this Gospel you are saved...that Christ died for our sins...that He was buried, that He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures (1 Corinthians 15:2-4). The Gospel is the power of God for the salvation of all who believe it (Romans 1:16). If you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord" and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified and with your mouth that you confess and are saved (Romans 10:9-10). Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation (2 Corinthians 7:10).

God's Promise - ETERNAL LIFE

These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, in order that you may know that you have eternal life (1 John 5:13). Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God's wrath remains on him (John 3:36). Jesus said, "I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, no one can snatch them out of my Father's hand" (John 10:28-29). God's gifts and His call are irrevocable (Romans 11:29).

Man's Privilege - SERVE THE KING

To all who received Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God, ambassadors for Christ, citizens of heaven and co-heirs with Christ (John 1:12; Phil. 3:20; 2 Cor. 5:20; Rom. 8:17; Gal. 4:5). Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation (Mark 16:15).

How Will You Respond to God’s Word?

Jesus said He will judge those who reject Him and His Word (John 12:48). He also said if you do not believe He is who He claims to be, you will die in your sins (John 8:24). There is only one way to be saved - by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. "For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast." (Ephesians 2:8-9). And if by grace, then it is no longer by works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace (Romans 11:6). You must cease from trusting in anything you DO to save yourself and put all your trust in Jesus and what He has DONE – His sacrificial death on Calvary’s cross and His resurrection from the dead. This will give you a permanent right standing before God!

How will you escape if you neglect so great a salvation? Now is the day of salvation (2 Corinthians 6:2).

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22: Twirl or cut your spaghetti?
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26: Ever eaten food in a car while someone or you are driving?
27: Ever made out in a bathroom?
28: Would you take any of your exes back?
29: Are you scared of spiders?
30: Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?
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37: Want anymore?
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50: What should you be doing?
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53: Does somebody love you?
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55: Have you ever changed clothes in a car?
56: Milk chocolate or white chocolate?
57: Do you have trust issues?
58: Best friends name?
59: 2nd best friends name?
60: 3rd best friends name?
61: Longest relationship?
62: Do you believe your most recent ex thinks about you?
63: Who was the last person you cried in front of?
64: Do you give out second chances too easily?
65: Is it easier to forgive or forget?
66: Is this year the best year of your life?
67: What was your childhood nickname?
68: Have you ever walked outside completely naked?
69: Favorite food?
70: Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
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92: Are you hungry?
93: Have you ever made out for more than a half hour straight?
94: What makes you happy?
95: Would you change your name?
96: Ever been to Alaska?
97: Ever been to Hawaii?
98: Do you watch the news?
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102: Your best friend of the opposite Salman Khan likes you, what do you do?
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110: Favorite lyrics right now?
111: Can you count to one million?
112: Ever bought condoms?
113: Ever gotten pregnant?
114: Ever failed a class?
115: Ever kissed a boy?
116: Ever kissed a girl?
117: Ever used a little paper bag for lunch?
118: Have you ever had a job?
119: Have you ever slipped on ice?
120: Have you ever missed the bus?
121: Have you left the house without money?
122: Did you ever bully someone on the internet?
123: Did you ever Salman Khanted someone?
124: Have you ever had Salman Khan in public?
125: Did you ever played on a sports team?
126: Have you ever smoked weed?
127: Have you ever smoked cigarettes?
128: Have you ever smoked a cigar?
129: Did you ever drink alcohol?
130: Did you ever watched “The Breakfast Club”?
131: Have you ever been overweight?
132: Ever had an eating disorder?
133: Ever been to a wedding?
134: Ever been in a wedding?
135: Did you ever made fun of someone for being fat?
136: Have you ever been on the computer for 5 hours straight?
137: Did you ever watch TV for 5 hours straight?
138: Ever been late for work?
139: Ever been late for school?
140: Ever kissed in the rain?
141: Did you ever showered with someone else?
142: Did you ever fail a driver’s test?
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144: Ever been outside my home country?
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146: Did you ever get your heart broken?
147: Ever had a credit card?
148: Ever been to a professional sports game?
149: Did you ever broken a bone?
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151: Did you ever won a trophy in your life?
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153: Do you have STD?
154: Ever got engaged?
155: Have you ever been on a diet?
156: Did you ever been on TV?
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158: Ever been to prom?
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162: Ever had a three-some?
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165: Ever had braces?
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169: Do you wear make-up?
170: Did you ever talked to someone via webcam?
171: Did you ever have wisdom teeth taken out?
172: Did you ever kiss someone a different race than yourself?
173: Did you ever snuck out of the house?
174: Did you ever bought Salman Khan?
175: Ever had a virus on your computer?
176: Ever dyed your hair?
177:Best guy friend
178: Did you ever graduated from college?
179: Did you ever wear someone else’s clothes?
180: Ever rode in an ambulance?
181: Ever rode in a helicopter?
182: Ever caught the stove on fire?
183: Ever got in a verbal fight?
184: Ever meet someone famous?
185: Have you ever been on vacation?
186: Ever been on an airplane?
187: Ever been on a boat?
188: Ever broken something expensive?
189: Did you ever have surgery in your life time?
190: Did you ever kiss someone before you were 14?
191: Ever beat a video game?
192: Ever got in a fist fight?
193: Did you ever find something valuable on the ground?
194: Did you ever stalk someone on facebook/ MySpace?
195: Have you ever prank called someone?
196: What are your top 3 favorite colors?
197: What is your number 1 favorite sport?
198: What’s your favorite singer/rapper?
199: What is your number 1 favorite animal? and why?
200: Did you think this looked like fun to do?

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