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Savdhaan India 9th July 2013 Written Episode Review

Superb episode on savdhaan india life ok about unsculprous and estranged women misusing the law. A big middle finger for such women.

"When greed takes over, you forget all relationships"

The talented Hiten Tejwani who is seen as a host in the reality based crime show Savdhaan India @11 on Life OK, is taken aback by the upcoming story on the show.

We got to know through our sources who updated us on the upcoming storyline for the show, "The upcoming episode of the show has been yet another heartbreaking story coming to light. It is based on fake dowry practiced in many places till now."

On the same we got in touch with Hiten Tejwani on his feelings coming across such a story, and he said "I was totally surprised when I read the story line. I have never seen such a situation before nor read about it anywhere."

Shocked over the story line he said, "It is a story of Bihar, where during the 'Bidaii' ceremony of the bride, both girl's and boy's parents accuse each other in case of dowry. However, people don't believe much about the boy's parents saying that the girl's parents have asked them to give dowry as dowry is always asked by the groom's parents. How this story unfolds is worth a watch."

Further he added, "There are lots of twist and turns in the episode. We will also see how greed takes over and you tend to forget all the relationships that you have built so far. You lose the precious ones in your life because of greed."

"The culprit is always within the family and that is what happens in most of the cases" he ended.

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मोदी भक्तो सावधान
एक इंसान पैसा तो ज़िंदगी भर कमा सकता है
लेकिन इज्जत जिंदगी में एक बार

Now see killer act....Savdhaan India- Peeyush Suhaney as Arun Sharma part 5

Savdhaan india.............................

Savdhaan India - Peeyush Suhaney as Arun Sharma

Pray! Wats d point of having a Met Dept or a Terror Cell if the Govt does'nt heed to their pre warnings, isnt it a sheer waste of tax payers money n man power? Coincidentally both the disasters happened at holy places but lets not fool ourselves into thinking of it as Gods wrath n make him a scapegoat in d never ending game of passing the buck ( our systems fave game) im sure wen he finally loses it there isnt gonna be much of a heads up!! If d Gov't kept d info hush hush inorder to keep d tourism flowing,their stategy could'nt have misfired more, a pre warning of an impending disaster would have been less damaging than what's happened now, countless lives n livelihood cld have been saved but no, they just sat their sorry asses on the information which now has resulted in the horrors that we see today.Everyone's so caught up wid the upcoming elections n d mud slinging matches everything else is secondary,even human life( animals dont stand a chance) its disheartening to see our Govtmnts apathy, a profligate bunch of politicians whose sole ideal is to self serve.The thought of 2014 elections makes me nauseaus coz I cant decide whether we want the "Besharam" leader or the "Bereham" one { not my words, im just quoting the respective parties } its not bout choosing the better party more like the one who's less worse. Its bout choosing the lesser of thr two evils...
P.S. KRIPIYA DHYAAN DE Till the elections are over our politicians are going to busy so APNEY JAAN,MAAL KE SURAKSHA KE LIYE AAP.KHUD JIMMEVAAR HAIN. SAVDHAAN INDIA!!! (barey barey desho main aisi chhoti chhoti batein hoti rehti hain, once said a wise assed politician)

Abhimanyu sir (director SAVDHAAN INDIA) Vijay Sir (2nd unit director SARASWATICHANDRA) NiCe gUyS... EnJoYeD yOuR cOmPaNy(heLpFuL)..... :) <3 ;)

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''चीन के पूर्व मंत्री को करप्शन के मामले में मौत की सजा''
पता नहीँ कब वो दिन आयेगा कि ऎसी खबरोँ मे चीन की जगह भारत पढने को मिलेगा.....!!!

admin:- jyoti

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Krish goyal in SAVDHAAN INDIA with abhishek pandey


"I was born and bought up in Delhi but now I'm studying in another state. This confession or whatever you feel it needs to be called is a very strong view I have and I need to share my point. And yes my friends, this is gonna be a long post.

So, on this page I see people (girls in particular), protesting against guys who ogle at them when they where shorts or dresses in the metro (or anywhere else, because this happens everywhere in delhi). Well you are not wrong to protest. But if you wear short dresses in public places, people are bound to stare. Even the most innocent and seedhe saadhe men would stare. They can't help it. The female body attracts attention. And if a part of the body is exposed, fir toh bhai woh dekhe bina reh hi ni sakte. So when you blame them, you must first realize that it's not entirely their fault. You must understand that when you decided to dress up in something short and pretty, you signed up for the stares and vulgar remarks as well. Kitna bhi bol lo, ladke taadna band nahi karenge and bakwaas jaari rakhenge. Toh behno, samajhdaari isi mein hogi ki aap kripya atleast public place mein poore kapde pehen ke jaaen. I know this way you will be deprived of the freedom to wear anything you want to, but then you will come across a smaller number of people (considerably smaller) staring at you. Toh isme bura kya hai? Jeans mein kya burai hai? Deep neck wale top ke saath ek stole daal lo toh kiska bura hoga? Aur metro mein waise bhi AC hota hai. Thoda seh lena bahar. Izzat toh bani rahegi na. Aur muh se do chaar gaaliyan bhi kam niklenge ladko ke liye.
I know kapde dekh ke crime nahi hota ladkiyo ke against. Poore kapde pehene hue ladki ko bhi khatra hai. But you cannot deny that lesser the clothes, more the attention. No one is asking you to bid goodbye to your beautiful shorts and dresses, just be sensible enough to wear them in the right kind of place, around the people you trust.
I am a 20 year old girl who loves wearing shorts. But I know where I can wear them and where I can't. The metro is certainly not the place where I will.
Now you can crib about the length of the post and the fact that you disagree with me."

Admin : I guess this requires a debate to clear the Air !

Watch me on life ok on Savdhaan India at 7-7-13 at10:30pm .I m playing ashwin character in it,nd I m shooting for next story at same program, I will confirm the next telecast date asp Regards-Anubhav jayaswal

Watch savdhaan india tonight 8pm @lifeok

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"aapka vote, ram ke naam" (cast your vote, in the name of rama)
"Hum saugandh Ram ki khate hain, mandir wahin banayenge" ( We swear by Rama that we will construct the temple there (ayodhya) only)
"Bari, bari, sab ki bari, ab ki bari, Atal Bihari" (This time, Atal bihari for PM)
"shaktishaali bhaajpaa, shaktishaali bharat" ( a strong BJP, a strong India)
"India Shining"
"Akshay Atal, vote kamal" ( indestructible Atal Bihari, vote for Kamal ( a flower which is BJP's symbol)
"Sab ko parkha bar bar, hum ko parkho ek bar" ( try us once)
"Har haath ko kaam, har keth ko paani,” (work for every hand and water for every field)
"Gau hatya rukwana hai, Varun Gandhi ko jitana hai" (cow slaughter must stop, Varun Gandhi must win)
The BJP slogan for Delhi elections: “Mehengi padi Congress” (Congress proved costly)
"Lakshmi haathi per baith kar nahi aati, Lakshmi cycle per baith kar nahi aati, Lakshmi aati hai to kamal ke phool per baith kar hi aati hai’ (Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth – does not come riding the elephant or on cycle, but if she comes she comes riding on the lotus
"Andhera chatega, suraj ugega, kamal khilega" (the darkness will go away, the sun will rise, the lotus will bloom) a speech by vajpayee.
"Sab par bhari Atal Bihari, Abki bari Atal Bihari’ (Most powerful of all Atal Bihari, this time it’s Atal Bihari).
'Bachacha bachacha Ram ka, Janmabhoomi ke kaam ka’ (every child belongs to Ram, belongs to his birth place).
'Kalyan Singh kalyan karo, mandir ka nirman karo’ (Kalyan Singh do good, build temple).
"Desh ki Vani, Lal Krishna Advani" ( BJP's slogan for Advani as PM).

'Yeh Dekho Indira Ka Khel, Kha Gayi Shakkar, Pee Gayi Tel'

'Ram Lala Hum Aayenge, Mandir Vahin Banayenge' .

'Atal Jee Aa Gaye, Ghar-Ghar Cha Gaye'

Ramjanambhoomi Slogans (Apart from few above)

Jo swapn dekhte babar ke, armaan mita kar manenge.

Yeh to kewal jhaanki hai, Kashi Mathura baaki hai. (this is only a trailor, kanshi and mathura are left)

Deshdrohiyon savdhaan, Jag utha Ram bhagwan. (traitors beware, God Ram has arisen)

Jis hindoo ka khoom na uble, woh khoon nahin woh paani hai.
Hindu hindu bhai bhai, beech mai vardi kaha se aayi. (when kar sevaks were lathi charged by policemen)

Tel lagado dabar ka, naam mita do babar ka. (Pour oil over it, and burn the name of babar away)

Ek dhakka aur do, babar ki aulaad ko.
Jo Hindu hit ka kaam karega, wahi desh par raj karega (those who work for the interests of hindus, only they will rule the nation)

My role as Gayatri in Savdhaan India episode 332..

Gn frnds....:)
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Rep nhi milega..:):p

Is wall pe poster chipkaana manaa hain... Savdhaan India.

......Congratulations to all shiva Bhakts! our show's TRP is 5.2 its the 2nd top most show on LIFEOK!!!...... All the bhakts say Har Har Mahadev! Let make it top most show!...... :-) har har mahadev

My friend Shivam Tiwari is in savdhaan india pls watch this

आतंकवादी इशरत जहाँ की मुठभेड़ में हुयी मौत पर आम आदमी पार्टी की नेता शाजिया इल्मी का स्पष्ट तौर पर कहना है की इशरत जहाँ निर्दोष थी.

मित्रों, आम आदमी पार्टी के नेता के इस बयान पर आपकी क्या प्रतिक्रिया है.....???

Suresh Chiplunkar shared a link.
दिग्विजय सिंह ऐसा कह रहे हैं, इसका मतलब साफ़ है कि काँग्रेस ने अपने राज्यों में दंगे भड़काने की पूरी तैयारी कर ली है...

यह काँग्रेस की जानी-पहचानी चाल है, जब वह घोटालों और कुशासन से बुरी तरह घिरी हुई है तब उसे नरेंद्र मोदी से निपटने का एक ही तरीका समझ में आ रहा है कि "मुसलमानों को डराओ". गुजरात में पिछले दस साल में कोई दंगा नहीं हुआ है. जबकि राजस्थान और यूपी में कई दंगे हो चुके हैं...

अब दिग्गी राजा की "कुटिल काँग्रेसी योजना" के अनुसार खुद काँग्रेस वाले ही अपने राज्यों में दंगे भड़काने का काम करेंगे, और "पालतू मीडिया" के जरिए दोष मढ़ेंगे भाजपा पर, नरेंद्र मोदी का रास्ता रोकने का और कोई ठोस प्लान नहीं बना पा रहे काँग्रेसी. इसलिए अब मुसलमानों को "भाजपा-संघ-विहिप-मोदी" के नाम पर डराओ और उनके वोट दुह लो...

मुसलमानों को सावधान रहने की जरूरत है. काँग्रेस उनके साथ "डबल गेम" खेलने की तैयारी कर रही है... २०१४ के चुनावों में भाजपा चाहे जितनी बार विकास के मुद्दों पर चुनाव की तैयारी कर ले, लेकिन काँग्रेस-सेकुलरों-वामपंथियों की सुई २००२ के दंगों पर ही अटकी रहेगी, और अब यह नया "उल्टा चोर कोतवाल को डांटे वाला गेम प्लान". पता नहीं मुसलमान कब तक काँग्रेस के हाथों बेवकूफ बनते रहेंगे.....


oki so ther ws tis bdy treat of one of my frnd n we hd been to a restro , unfrtuntly it ws full so v hd to sneak frm tr so to cheack out plces he tuk my cell n ws abt to serch on google n mistkly opnd my histry :( shit tr wr ol Salman Khan sites .. way embrsin


admin__She's the kind of girl who climbed the ladder of success wrong by wrong .. lol .. :p


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